Status: Complete as of October 29th, 2015.


Chapter 8

The doctors wanted me to write things down at Ashcliffe. So I did. But I hadn't written about everything – just about my mom, the cancer, the car accident and losing Hannah. But I never wrote about Nick, not once. Because I didn't want anyone to know the secret he told me.

Elias never knew about it, either.

Sitting cross-legged on my bed, with a box in my lap, I stared at the notebooks that were inside. I hadn't touched these things in months, since I left the hospital. I didn't want to open up any old wounds and never be able to sew them together again, especially when they were healing after such a long time.

Picking up one of the tattered notebooks, I opened it and started to read:

January 12th, 2010

Today I could barely get out of bed, but I had to. I had to go to group. Group was something that happened three times a week, provided everyone went. I'd been there for a few weeks, and I hadn't spoken about anything.

I couldn't say anything.

Because if I did, then everyone would know what I was hiding