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We Go Together Like the Winter and a Sweater

This year I want you alone

Kellin lies in his bed staring at the clock on his nightstand, quietly counting down the minutes until he can burst out of bed and head downstairs. It’s not yet seven o’clock and he knows that if he gets up now, his roommates will kill him for waking them so early again. Last year they set a rule that Christmas festivities would not begin until after seven am and although it’s hard, Kellin tries to stick by it.

Christmas is his favorite holiday and he is even more excited this year as he believes he’s picked out the perfect presents for all of his friends. He lives with three other boys, two of which are fairly easy to shop for and one extremely difficult. Tony and Jaime are like brothers to him. He knows what they like and can find a present for each of them in the same store within seconds. The other boy, Vic, is much different and finding the perfect present for him is a terrifying task. He’s special and Kellin’s been pretty much head over heels for him for well over a year now.

He isn’t sure what it is about Vic that is so enticing but he constantly finds himself daydreaming about his roommate slash best friend and it’s gotten to the point where he feels physical pain when Vic so much as smiles at him. He has it bad and everyone, with the exception of Vic, knows it. They all try to convince him to come forward and admit how he feels but as much as Kellin loves Vic, he fears rejection.

The clock now reads 7:03 and that’s good enough for Kellin. He tears his blankets off of his body and lets go of the stuffed penguin that usually sits high up on his bed during the holidays. With his legs dangling over the edge of his bed he does a quick breath check and decides to make a pit stop at the bathroom before heading into Vic’s room first. Out of the three of them, Vic would be the least upset about being woken up bright and early.

One quick brush of the teeth and a swig of mouthwash later and Kellin is shuffling his way to Vic’s room, knocking softly on the door and not waiting for an answer before he throws it open. Vic’s room is a total mess and Kellin trips over a pair of shoes instantly, almost tumbling to the ground but making a quick save by grabbing onto the Mexican’s bed.

The commotion doesn’t seem to cause a disturbance to the sleeping boy so Kellin gets himself together, pushes the clutter of clothes to the side with his foot, and eagerly jumps onto Vic’s bed landing right on top of him with a thud.

A groan can be heard from underneath the mound of blankets and Kellin just giggles and shifts a little bit. As painful as it is to keep his feelings tucked inside, he knows he has to because the thought ruining this doesn’t settle with him. They have a close relationship and Vic doesn’t mind when Kellin jumps on him in the mornings and cuddles with him at night. Kellin fears if he tells his little secret that will change.

“Kellin,” Vic whines, snuggling his body deeper into his blanket burrito and sighing. “Five more minutes.”

“No can do sweet cheeks,” Kellin says cheerily, sitting up so he’s straddling his best friend, hands reaching for the blankets covering Vic’s face and pulling. “All of our friends are gonna be here in a couple of hours and we all need to shower, and get ready, and set up and open presents,” Kellin sings out in a song, tickling Vic’s sides as he does.

The last part of Kellin’s sentence catches the older boy’s attention and his eyes crack open just a bit, landing on the smaller boy on top of him. “Presents?” He asks and the word is so simple but Kellin thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever heard.

He presses his lips together to suppress a smile and nods. “Yes, presents,” he crawls off Vic’s lap and falls onto the bed next to him, grateful that Vic moved over to allow him the space. “Well, everyone’s except mine. That one you won’t get until later tonight.”

Vic quirks an eyebrow and glances over to the excited boy in his bed. “Kellin, you naughty boy,” he teases with a poke to Kellin’s now bright red cheeks. He doesn’t say anything else, just stares in amusement as Kellin’s pretty blue eyes stare up at the ceiling, wide and unblinking. It’s kind of cute how easily embarrassed he gets.

“Just get up, please,” Kellin drops the subject quickly and makes his way out of Vic’s warm bed though he’s pretty sure he would like to spend the entirety of Christmas Day in there. Hell, given the choice he’d probably stay until New Years.

Vic laughs a little and rolls himself out of his blankets, grabbing Kellin’s hand and dragging him out of the room, fist pounding on the other two bedroom doors that occupy the tiny house. He doesn’t wait for their inhabitants to exit, just continues his way to the living room with Kellin’s hand still in his completely oblivious to the fact that he’s making said boy’s heart nearly beat out of his chest.

He takes a seat in front of the Christmas tree pulling Kellin down with him and snuggling their bodies close together to keep warm. Kellin smiles at the gesture thankful that Vic is a cuddler and wraps his arms around his waist. The other two boys sleepily make their way into the living room, small smiles on their faces as they opt to sit on the couch and be handed their presents instead.

Eager as ever Kellin starts, shoving his hands under the tree and grabbing a present for each of them. He tosses a small box to Tony, one to Jaime, and gently slides a bag over to Vic. It’s never much, but it’s enough. Each of them buys one gift for another and that’s it.

After the gift exchange is done and Vic persuades Kellin to give him his now, they all scurry into the kitchen to make breakfast on the waffle maker Jaime got from his mom. They have a long day ahead of them, deciding that this year they would host the Christmas party for all of their friends. Kellin doesn’t like the idea of so many people being in his house but he doesn’t argue. He knew when they all agreed to move in with each other that he’d have to compromise. It’s only a night and Jaime keeps telling him that it will be worth it, so he decides to believe him and let it be.


“Kellin, will you put that stupid snow globe down and come help me for a second?” Jaime calls out in frustration from his spot by the staircase. Tony and Vic left a few minutes ago to get some last minute items from the convenience store that is thankfully open every Christmas Day, leaving just Kellin and Jaime to finish getting the house ready for their guests.

Kellin sighs but listens, setting the object back onto the end table and stretching his limbs out onto the rest of the couch. He glances at it longingly one last time before he decides to get up and help his friend. The snow globe sits in its spot and the glittery snow continues to fall, Kellin’s eyes closing as his lips move a little to recite a bunch of mumbled words. When he was younger he used to make wishes on snow globes and he swore every time that they came true. Now at 21 years old he knows that it's stupid and childish and wishing upon a gingerbread house trapped behind a ball of glass won't help him much, but he still tries on very special occasions. This being one of them. It would probably be so much easier for him to come right out and tell Vic how he feels, but he can’t.

"Making your wishes again?" Jaime comments when Kellin comes into view but it's not in a teasing manner. He's genuinely interested and maybe a little concerned that one of his best friends has become so desperate for something he resorts to making Christmas wishes on snow globes.

Kellin shrugs and doesn't attempt to hide his face as it blushes a bright crimson color. "Maybe," he whispers, biting his lip a little and folding his arms over his chest. "I'm pathetic, aren't I?"

"You are many things, Kellin Quinn - loyal, funny, a little whimsical sometimes and cute as a damn button - but pathetic is not one of them," Jaime says softly and Kellin chooses to believe him. The look in his eyes is sincere and he really needs those positive thoughts right now.

As his prior thoughts start to fade away, he notices what Jaime is doing and frowns. “What is that for?” His face scrunches up in disgust as he asks the question. He thinks the mistletoe tradition is kind of stupid, honestly, but that’s partially because he can never get the one person he wants to kiss him under it.

"This is mistletoe and it's going to be your new best friend." Jaime smirks, handing the sprig to Kellin momentarily while he steps off to find the stepstool in the closet. His words finally sink and Kellin realizes, shaking his head and holding the plant out like its contaminated.

"No. No, no, no, no." He argues, refusing to be a part of his friend’s horrific plan. “I’m not doing that. No.”

"Yes, Kellin," Jaime insists with an eye roll. He kicks the stool under the doorframe and ties the green bundle right above it. "It's either this or you do it on your own time and well, you've been wishing to a snow globe for him for well over a year now so your own time sure as hell isn't working."

"I'll be rejected in an instant." Kellin points out, stepping out from under the mistletoe as Jaime is still underneath it and although he’s had some questionable dreams in the past he’s not about to test them out.

"You don't know that," the other boy points out in all seriousness. He’s always been a firm supporter of a relationship between the two of them. He thinks they’re actually made for each other.

"When has Vic ever expressed any interest in me?" Kellin fights, looking for any excuse to not take part in this ridiculous holiday tradition. Where did Jaime even get mistletoe anyway?

"When have you ever expressed any interest in him? You know, to his face?" Jaime is prepared to shoot down any argument Kellin might bring to the table. He loves the boy dearly but he’s tired of him pining.

Kellin groans and makes his way back to the living room. It’s gotten a bit darker outside and their guests will be arriving any minute. Aside from a few things missing in the kitchen, the house looks great. White lights are draped over doorways, tangled around the stairs, hanging over the fireplace and wrapped around the tree. The house smells of apples and spices and it’s warm, comfortable. It feels like Christmas.

"He would not have agreed to move in here with us if it weren't for you and you know that's the damn truth." Jaime voices when Kellin plops down onto the couch in silence. As a close friend of both of them he’s had time to observe and he truly believes that if Kellin were to be brave, it would work out in his favor.

Instead, he chooses to put himself down. "He's too good for me," he whispers, feeling his eyes start to water just a little bit.

"Bullshit, he's Vic.” Jaime says incredulously. “He's tiny and bitter and angry at the world. You're actually quite perfect for each other. You, sweet and charming. Him, eh, you know. You level each other out. A perfect combination. Like the winter and a sweater."

Kellin snorts at Jaime’s analogy though it’s kind of cute. He doesn’t deny that he likes the idea of he and Vic being a perfect match like Jaime says. Vic as the cold and chilling winter and Kellin as the warm, inviting sweater. However, he knows better. Christmas miracles only exist in the movies. He’s fairly certain this won’t work out in his favor.

There’s a glimmer in Jaime’s eyes though and it’s enough to give Kellin a little bit of hope. He can’t believe he’s actually considering going along with this stupid tradition but maybe Jaime makes a good point. There is no harming in trying, right?


As the night goes on the party progresses and Kellin actually makes an appearance instead of staying cooped up in his room like he had planned. He even goes as far as to engage in conversations with some people, people he doesn’t even know. It’s kind of refreshing and he likes it, giving him the tiniest bit of confidence to test out Jaime’s plan.

He’s decided he’ll give it three tries. If Vic goes for it, then perfect. If he doesn’t after three attempts he’s done.

It takes a while for Kellin to find Vic. He’s always off in different directions either by the kitchen or down the hall. Anywhere really that isn’t that doorway by the stairs. His boost of confidence starts to dissipate but then he sees that mop of brown hair making its way towards him, that bright smile beaming right at him, and he perks right up.

“Having fun?” Vic asks as he pulls Kellin in for a quick hug. He practically melts as Vic’s strong arms wrap around him, resisting the urge to bury his face in the crook of Vic’s neck and make home there. He’s so warm and familiar and Kellin never wants to let go.

He remembers his plan and internally groans at the thought, but he pulls away from his favorite person and grabs onto his hand, pulling him towards the stairs. “I’m fine, but it’s a little crowded in here. Can we move somewhere a little quieter?”

Vic nods and allows Kellin to drag him away from the loud music. He has no idea what Kellin’s intentions are, or the fact that his breathing is unreasonably rapid, but he goes along with it. They’re almost there, a few inches away when someone stops them. But it’s not just any someone. It’s Vic’s on and off again someone, Beau.

Kellin exhales slowly to keep his cool. He’s not sure how Beau got an invite to this party as Vic specifically stated at this current time that they were off, but he’s here now and he’s looking at Vic with such apologetic eyes that Kellin can’t bear to watch. He doesn’t want to see them become on again, so he leaves.

First attempt: failed.

The second attempt is more of Tony’s doing. After having Beau removed from the premises after finding him and Vic yelling in his bedroom, he decides to take matters into his own hands. The mistletoe is seeing a lot of action tonight, but not from the two it is intended for. Tony wants to change that.

He drags Kellin out from hiding and makes sure Vic is calmed down after the Beau incident before he pushes them onto the designated dance floor and makes them dance. It’s silly, but they both agree. Kellin immediately feels better as Vic sways him from side to side and surprisingly enough, just dancing with the boy has calmed Vic down immensely.

They talk while they dance and there’s laughter to be heard. Tony and Jaime stand on the opposite side of the room and watch them with knowing smiles on their faces. To a stranger, they would look like a couple, especially with the way Vic’s hands grab onto Kellin’s hips and the way Kellin’s fingers twirl in wavy brown strands of Vic’s hair. It seems that it is only them holding themselves back.

They’re smiling and having fun and Kellin wraps his arms around Vic’s neck, burying his face in his chest as the music takes them to another place momentarily. He feels safe in Vic’s arms. He always does and he’s glad that Beau is gone. Vic is less tense now and the tears have dried onto his rosy cheeks. He looks a little tired, but still beautiful and his lips are tantalizing, drawing him in. He can’t explain how much he wants to kiss him.

Kellin is the first to excuse himself, claiming he needs something from upstairs. It’s Vic’s decision to follow, not wanting to be out of Kellin’s presence for even a second. Once again, before they can make it, Vic is pulled away by a mutual friend and Kellin sighs in defeat.

Second attempt: failed.

It’s the third and final attempt and most people have gone home by now. It’s just a few stragglers who are taking their time leaving. Kellin practically sits under the mistletoe, smiling at everyone who walks by and stares at him with curiosity. Vic has to walk by this space to get to his bedroom eventually. Kellin will wait all night if he has to. Well, if sleep doesn’t get to him first.

Unfortunately, it does and Kellin dozes off before everyone has left, curled into a small ball in the corner.

By the time he wakes up, the house is quiet and he’s a little pissed off that no one had bothered to wake him or take him upstairs. He doesn’t weigh a lot and they’ve all done it before, so why was now any different?

Sore all over, he stands and rubs at his aching limbs. The silence is eerie as he walks throughout the house. It’s pretty much all cleaned up already and the Christmas lights are still on, making the entire place glow in a faint yellow light. It’s quite beautiful and peaceful actually. He enjoys it and would stay if he weren’t missing his bed so badly.

The clock says it’s nearly 2:30 though and he’s exhausted. Bed sounds like a good idea, so he turns on his heels and starts for the staircase. He’s nearly there when he hears a clanging sound coming from the kitchen followed by a few curse words after. He recognizes the voice right away. It’s Vic.

Before he’s given the chance to investigate, the kitchen door swings open and Vic walks out with two mugs in his hands, steam coming from both of them. His eyes land on Kellin and he smiles, handing one of the cups out to him.

“You’re awake,” he whispers, placing the mug of peppermint cocoa in Kellin’s pale hands. “I made your favorite. I was just about to come and wake you.”

“Thank you,” Kellin smiles shyly, bringing the cup to his lips and blowing the steaming liquid.

“Eventful night, huh?” Vic tries to make conversation but it’s lame.

“Not really. I was just exhausted, you know?” Kellin asks but Vic doesn’t know. He doesn’t know how long Kellin’s been in love with him and he doesn’t know all Kellin went through tonight to try and get him to notice. And now Kellin is convinced he’ll never know.

“Anyway, I think I’m gonna head up to bed,” Kellin says with his voice low, still holding the mug in his hands as he shuffles for the stairs, disappointment flooding through him. He feels as though that was his last chance.

Vic is right behind him when he stops underneath the door way. It takes him all of five seconds to realize where they are and he tries to hold back the squeal that wants to fight its way out of him. He has to play it cool. Vic is totally unaware that there’s a batch of mistletoe hanging right above their heads.

“Vic?” Kellin says, swallowing thickly looking from the plant back down to his best friend.

“Hmm?” Vic hums, staring at Kellin with curiosity.

It happens so suddenly. Kellin releases one hand from the mug of steaming cocoa and lunges forward, wrapping it around Vic’s neck and planting a kiss right on his perfectly plush lips. It’s gentle and light and Vic’s lips are softer than he imagined and they taste like chocolate and candy canes. Kellin thinks if heaven exists, this is surely it. The feeling is so strong that his lips tingle, but it doesn’t stop there, that feeling spreading throughout his entire body.

Vic stands in shock as Kellin pulls away, his eyes still closed and tongue running over his lips to taste the aftermath. It’s like his mouth is still trying to catch up to his brain, hanging open but not saying a word until Kellin snaps his eyes open in fear.

Then, Vic is swallowed in this feeling of warmth and happiness and he steps closer to the younger boy, lifting his chin with his fingers and brushing their lips together. Kellin’s breath hitches and his legs feel like jelly as Vic presses their lips together harder. This is what he’s been wishing for on every snow globe he could find. Is this a dream? It can’t be. He reaches out his free hand and touches Vic, feeling the fabric of his shirt, the warmth of his body. It’s definitely not a dream. Vic is standing right here, kissing him.

Kellin feels a little light-headed when they pull away for the second time, blushing hard as Vic stares into his eyes. He’s a little self-conscious now and even though he loves Vic’s attention he’s a little uncomfortable.

“Your eyes,” Vic breaks the silence between them, brushing his thumb over the softness of Kellin’s cheek.

“What about them?” Kellin mumbles slightly worried.

“Blue and green,” Vic smiles. “Like the Christmas lights.”

“I love you,” Kellin blurts out, immediately regretting his choice of words and throwing a hand over his mouth. That was too much too soon, he thinks, and he’s probably scared Vic off for good now. He’ll have to move out for sure.

To his surprise though, Vic just laughs and sets his mug down on an empty table, grabbing Kellin’s face in both of his hands and crashing their lips together again. Kellin swears he sees an explosion of stars behind his eyelids as Vic kisses him breathless. It’s intense and beautiful and the most amazing kiss he’s ever had.

“You’ve got to be a complete idiot if you can’t see the way I feel about you, Kels,” Vic whispers, kissing his nose before pulling away all together.

“Really?” Kellin squeaks in a mixture of joy and embarrassment. His poor brain can’t process this much good information in one night.

“Really,” Vic nods, grabbing his cocoa again. He looks at the clock to the right of him. It’s nearing three in the morning and he knows that they should probably get some sleep. “Come to bed with me?” Vic asks in the most innocent way and Kellin nods. He knows when Vic asks him to come to bed it means cuddling and sleeping and that’s all Kellin wants.

“Merry Christmas, Vic,” he whispers as they make their way upstairs. His heart is full of joy and the smile on his face is most likely permanent. He can’t actually believe that Jaime’s silly little plan had worked. Maybe he was right about the two of them.

“Merry Christmas, Kellin,” Vic says, pulling the boy into his room and locking the door behind them.
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Christmas is over but I wanted to write this I don't even know if it makes sense lmao it's almost 3am and I need to sleep.

Love you and happy holidays!