Status: One-Shot

A Hand Over My Heart

Hand Holding

Jack wasn’t sure when his fixation with Alex’s hands started. He was sure though that he loved to see the other’s nimble fingers press at guitar strings and run through his hair and a million other trivial actions.

Jack loved them especially when he got their attention. Usually he just stared at them as they practiced another song, fingers strumming at guitar strings or curled around a mic as their owner sang like an angel. It was days like this, lazy days on the couch and watching TV that he finally, finally gets to be the object of Alex’s attention that he loved Alex’s hands the best. Feeling them stroke his hair absently, curling around the longer strands and tugging lightly before going back and combing through the mess it made him feel all sleepy an-

"You’re humming."

Jack’s eyes flutter open to see a smirking Alex with his hands still absently stroking his hair. Jack flushes a little and rolls so his face is in Alex’s lap, “Shut up.”

"You can’t give a blowjob if the other’s pants are on."

Jack snorts at the comment before snuggling into Alex more, “Shhh, trying to sleep.”

Alex rolls his eyes with a smile and goes back to watching the TV and combing Jack’s hair with one hand.

Jack takes the other into his own and tucks their entwined fingers into his chest with a sleepy smile, “I love your hands.”

"I know."