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Kitty Kellin

Be My Kitty

“Kellin?” I asked, looking at him from the living room, and walking towards him.
“Hm?” He turned around a little, looking at me. “Why--?” He giggled and reached for me, pulling me close to him. “It’s Halloween,” he said, smiling at me.
He had little whiskers drawn on his cheeks, along with some pink sharpie on the tip of his nose. I touched the cat ears he was wearing, raising my eyebrows at him.
“That doesn’t really explain the cat costume,” I said, even as my eyes traveled down.
He was wearing on of my shirts, only a few of the buttons done, and thigh-high stockings. He had on a little thong too, showing off his entire ass and the little fluffy tail—“Kellin, is that…?”
He grinned at me and turned around, wiggling his butt against my lower stomach. “6 inches?” he asked playfully.
I swallowed and pressed him against the counter, earning a little grin from him. “Do you like it?” he asked seductively, pulling my arms around his waist.
“Mhm, you look cute,” Kellin smiled and wiggled his hips again. I gasped and gripped his waist. “Play along,” he said and turned around in my hands.
I smirked a little as Kellin put his arms around my neck and meowed at me. “You’re silly,” I mumbled, laughing as he licked my lips.
“No, I’m a kitty,” he said and nipped at my jaw. “Are you a good kitty?” Kellin nodded and looked at me, his eyes wide and innocent.
“Oh really? Prove it,” Kellin grinned and took my hand, leading me towards our bedroom. He pushed me onto the bed, kneeling down between my legs.
He actually looked really cute, sitting on his little socked feet with the cat whiskers wiggling every time he moved his nose.
Kellin unzipped my jeans, pulling them down with my boxers before meowing up at me.
I suppressed a grin and watched as he leaned forward to lick my tip. He flattened his tongue, sliding it up my entire length. “Mm,” He smiled at that and just stroked me, sliding his hand torturously slow until I was fully hard.
“Kellin,” I reprimanded, needing more. He moved closer to me, poking his little pink tongue out and flicking the tip of my cock. I moaned, tangling my fingers into Kellin's soft hair as he lapped at the head, while stroking the bottom half.
I pushed his head down, forcing my dick into his mouth and moved him up and down on it.
Kellin moaned around me, sending little shivers through me. He hollowed his cheeks, swishing his tongue as he sucked. I let him move on his own, moaning as he rolled his tongue on me. “F-fuck, Kell,” He pulled off and kissed it before getting up. I smiled and yanked his underwear down, watching as they fell to the floor.
Kellin straddled my hips, grinding his down as he pulled my shirt off. I smirked, letting him push me back against the bed. I pulled him with me, kissing his lips hungrily.
“Fuck me,” he mumbled and pulled my bottom lip between his teeth. I grinned and flipped us over, moving to get the lube. Kellin was biting his lip, watching me with lust-blown eyes. He spread his legs for me, immediately wrapping them around my waist as I moved between them.
I pushed Kellin's ‘tail’ into him further, earning a little whine. “More,” he whimpered, moaning as I turned it on.
I slid it out slightly and then pushed it back in quickly, smirking as Kellin's back arched. “F-fuck, Vic, please more,” he pleaded, pushing back on the toy.
I pushed it in differently, relishing in the long moan he let out, his legs twitching as it brushed his spot. “V-Vic,”
I kept fucking him with it, stroking him at the same time. “Vic, p-please, I need it,” he begged.
I smirked and nodded, turning the toy off, before sliding it out of him. “Hand me that,” I mumbled, reaching for the lube.
He sat up and poured it onto me, stroking my cock slowly, and brushing my tip.
I moaned and pushed his hand away, before pressing my tip against him teasingly.
“Please,” I smirked and slowly pushed into him, earning a little groan of pleasure. I leant forward and kissed him, talking against his mouth. “I wonder if I can make you purr,” I said and thrusted into him harshly.
Kellin held onto my shoulders tightly as I started sliding in and out of him, moaning as he tightened his legs around my waist and pulled me in deeper.
“Kellin,” I groaned and snapped my hips forward, making him moan. I grinned in triumph and continued to thrust into him quickly.
I could feel my climax building, Kellin rolling his hips to meet mine. “Vic,” Kellin moaned and tipped his head back against the bed.
I slammed into him, angling my hips and making Kellin moan, his back arching off the mattress.
“F-fuck, Kell, I’m close,” I groaned, my thrust getting sloppier. He ground back on me with each thrust, moaning at me. “Fuck,” I moaned, my hips faltering as I stilled inside him.
“Kellin,” He smirked, rolling his hips.
I pulled out of him, leaning down to kiss his lips. “Move up,” I ordered, smiling as he slid up the bed for me.
I moved between his legs, hooking them over my shoulders. Kellin watched me as I held onto his hips, kissing his thighs teasingly.
I licked his cock, sliding my tongue all the way up his length before taking his tip in my mouth.
“Ungh, Vic,” he moaned and fisted his hands into my hair. I sucked further, swirling my tongue up and down his shaft. Kellin's heels dug into my back as he pushed my head down further.
I loved the little sounds he made, his legs twitching on my shoulders. I massaged his hips as I deep-throated him, his tip brushing the back of my throat.
“Vic,” he moaned and arched his back off the bed, pulling my hair. “Fuck—Ungh, I’m gonna cum,” I sucked harder, swirling my tongue around his tip as he shot into my mouth.
I kept sucking until he was finished, his cum filling my mouth. Kellin let go of my hair, looking at me as I swallowed.
He was panting, his pretty cheeks flushed pink. I smiled and moved out from between his legs to lean down and kiss him. Kellin smiled up at me breathlessly and then licked my nose to make me laugh.
“You’re suck a good little kitten,” I teased and kissed him again. “I’m glad you liked it,” he said, breaking his cat character, “because I probably won’t be able to get these whiskers off,”
I laughed and shook my head at him. “You’re silly,” I said and lay down beside him. “Happy Halloween,” he said, grinning at me. “Happy Halloween Kellin,” ~
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