Sequel: Two Halves of a Moon
Status: i love vampires. this is loosly based on the book.

Half Sisters in More Ways Than One

10: Much To Learn

I waited impatiently in the passenger seat of Bella’s old pickup after school. I wished more than anything that I could just have one of them pick me after school, but I wasn’t making that same mistake again. I mean, yeah they were just here, but that was Bella’s doing and I was definitely prepared to throw her under the bus if it came to that. She told me after lunch that she called Jake and explained, or in my opinion extremely exaggerated, how miserable and lonely I was without them. I couldn’t help myself as I hugged her and repeatedly thanked her as she laughed. Of course people were walking past and whispering things about us. I could see the headlines of the school papers now. ’Swan girls spotted in hallway acting sisterly. It’s a miracle.’ People here really needed to get a life and I really needed some patience. Sighing I allowed myself to think more about what happened after lunch. We were standing at our locker, yhup the school made us share a locker, when Edward Cullen came up to us and wrapped his arm around Bella. Instantly the both of us stiffened. It was like he had an entirely new scent about him and I didn’t like it one bit. He smelled like death.

“Hello Isa.” He spoke in suck a sickeningly sweet voice that it made my blood boil. It was all a part of his charm. That charm that had entrapped my sister.

“Cullen.” I sneered and I watched as a smirk lit across his features.

“Isa, you should really give me a chance. After all if things go accordingly in a few years we’ll be related. You’d be sister-in-law to a Cullen.” I was seconds away from ripping his head off and charging after him, but my anger was getting the best of me. I had to leave and I had to leave now.
Muttering a "can’t wait" half-heartedly I ran from the school grounds and into the woods and allowed my inner animal to have full control. In no time I was a full wolf and a howl erupted from me. I didn’t understand why I was howling, but I just knew that it felt right. I ran blindly not knowing where to go, but following my heart. Soon I was in a clearing and two other wolves were there. Instantly I knew it was Uncle Sam and Paul. I nuzzled my snout against Paul’s before going over and doing the same to Sam.

“You can’t let them get to you Isa. He was intentionally antagonizing you.” Spoke Uncle Sam. He sounded so wise and he sounded like he was in my head. I shook off the confusion and tried to regain focus.

“How’d you know about that?”

“When you shift, the pact can see you thoughts.”

“Well that sucks.”

“What sucks is that I can’t go and rip off his head with my teeth. Angering you angered me. I’m angry enough without you adding on to it.” before I knew it I was laughing, but it came out as more like a bark. Just like that I was back in my human form and I didn’t really understand it. All I knew was that I had the sudden urge to hug Paul. Both of them were naked including my Uncle Sam.

“Isa, you are to come back to the rez for another two weeks. There’s still much for you to learn.” I knew better than to argue with him, but from the tone of his voice I could tell he thought I was different than them and I guess deep down I knew I was too.
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i know it's not much and it sucks, especially after so long. it has been a while and i need to get back into the swing of things so forgive me for this lackluster of a chapter.