Sequel: Two Halves of a Moon
Status: i love vampires. this is loosly based on the book.

Half Sisters in More Ways Than One

11: Another Two Weeks

Being on the rez with Uncle Sam was pure torture. He kept intentionally pissing me off and then praising me exactly on how easily I was able to calm down now. Apparently that was what set me aside from everyone one else. I was able to control my temper sooner and faster, he believed I'd be able to control the shift in no time. Even Uncle Sam still struggled with his anger sometimes; to a certain extent it made me fear for Emily. He assured me he would never get that angry again when I voice my concern to him. Finally I was able to spend some time with Paul alone. Without Uncle Sam I mean, without the elders, without the pack and without the guys. It felt good to do so. However, I couldn't knock the feeling that I had to get home and it couldn't wait. Sitting in the passenger seat of Paul's car, the closer I got the more urgent everything seemed. Just as we pulled up Bella was slamming the door in Edwards face before he slinked his way up to her room through the window.

"I wonder what's going. Did they break up or something?" asked Paul a smirk on his face at the thought of someone causing a Cullen some form of pain.

"Something's wrong Paul. She's protecting me and dad I just know it. Wait here there's Edward." before my hand could even reach the door handle Paul had a hold on my arm.

"I don't want you anywhere near him Isa. Besides you know the treaty."

"I know that it doesn't apply to me. I'll be fine Paul. You just have to trust me."

"I do trust you. It's him that I don't trust."

"If anything goes wrong, we can rip him limb from limb and set him on fire, okay?" I laughed as Paul nodded in agreement and let me go. I didn't waste time going to Bella's truck where Edward was hiding in the shadows.

"Stay where you are. I can smell him. His scent is even more vile than yours. I take it as he's not a friend." I spoke knowing he could hear me.

"No, he's no friend of ours. I took Bella to play baseball with my family today. He showed with two others. He took a liking to Bella's scent and the way I reacted to him only made things worst."

"In other words you just put my sister in danger."

"That wasn't my intention." he snapped.

"It still happened. How can I help?"

"There's no need my family is taking care of it."

"She's MY family though." I snapped. I could feel my body beginning to shake, I knew I had to calm down though. I heard as the door slammed and immediately I was face to face to with Bella.

"Why do you have your bags Bella?" I asked concern.

"I have to leave Isa. I'm going back home." By home I assumed she meant Arizona.

"Why? You basically just got here."

"Look Isa, just because you're satisfied with this mundane life that you and Charlie have built doesn't mean I am also. Just because we have the same father, that DOES NOT make us a family. Goodbye." with that said she got in her truck and drove off. Well that hurt. Quickly I ran back to Paul trying to hold in the tears.

"A vampire is after her. The Cullens are trying to do it alone."


"We're going to Arizona. I have to save my sister." I didn't bother to let him argue. He had a choice, but I didn't.
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