Sequel: Two Halves of a Moon
Status: i love vampires. this is loosly based on the book.

Half Sisters in More Ways Than One

2:Sam Uley, my uncle

By the time Charlie returned I was cooking dinner. Some fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy and biscuits.

"Smells good in here Isa." Said Charlie kissing my cheek. I smiled before noticing that Bella was standing in the door way. Instantly my smile dropped.

"Bella." I said as dryly as possible.

"Isa." She replied mimicking my tone. I rolled my eyes as I turned back towards the stove. Charlie cleared his throat as a warning to us.

" there anything I can do to help?"

"You can make a salad."

"That's better." Started Charlie. "Either it stays civil or I'll take you both in." He joked getting a small laugh us. I shook my head. Charlie was the only family I had left. My mother had died when I was young. I didn't even remember her. I guess that's another reason I didn't like Bella. She was lucky to have both parents, but to me it seemed like she chose her mother over Charlie constantly. It infuriated me. After dinner I heard as the familiar engine of Billy Blacks truck pulled up in the driveway. Placing the dishes in the sink I ran outside to greet them.

"Jake!" I yelled hugging him. He laughed before greeting Charlie. I ignored him as I sat on Billy's lap and hugged him tightly.

"Billy I've missed you. I wished you all would've let me come to the rez today." I complained as he somehow knew I would. He only laughed his spirited laugh before telling me the same thing I've been hearing since she told dad she was coming.

"As I told you over the phone Isa, and a thousand times before, you needed to be home for Bella's arrival."


"No buts wild one. Family is a pact and we on the rez honor our pacts." He said seeming to be giving me some kind of hidden message that I never could decipher. I said nothing as I laid my head on his shoulder not bothering to get off his lap. I loved Billy with everything I had. He had become like a second father to me over the years.

"So how you like your homecoming present Bella? Just bought it off of Billy here." Said Charlie smiling. I felt my blood began boiling.

"This! No way. I love it!"

"I told you she would." bragged Billy. I shot up like a missile.

"Are you kidding me?! You seriously bought her a truck Charlie?!" I yelled.

"Yeah. I thought you girls could ride to school together. You know and bond a little more."

"I'd rather ride in the Cruiser dad. What's the matter Bella? To much of a princess to get a ride from your lame father. You disgust me." My body was shaking as I heard Jacob trying to stiffen a laugh. He placed a hand on my shoulder and immediately I began to calm down. I looked at Billy and he was giving me a knowing look. I groaned.

"I'm sorry dad, I just wish you would've talk to me about it first."

"I know pumpkin, now apologize to Bella."

"No need too."she said as soon as I turned to face her. "The feeling is mutually." I growled as I attempted to launch at her only to be grabbed by Jake.

"Come on Isa. I'll drive us to the rez. The guys have been asking about you anyways. It's annoying." he laughed and I knew it was his pathetic attempt at a joke to get me to cool down.

"Take her to see Sam, Jake. Stay with her after." Instructed Billy. I could sense Jake get uncomfortable at the mention of Sam Uley, but I knew he would follow his dad's orders. We got in the car and buckled our seatbelts before pulling off. Jake was pretty silent for the most part. When we got to the rez I was emerged in hugs after hugs. Then I had to met with Sam. After hugging Emily for what felt like forever we end up walking along the beach.

"Tell me Isa, what do you remember about your mom?"

"Only that she died while I was still a baby. Can you tell me more or something? Charlie told me that she used to live here on the Rez."

"Yes. Your mom was my eldest sister. I was shock that she had been seeing Charlie and no one knew of it. I was even more shock that she was pregnant with you. Fifteen years ago you, her and I were in the woods. You could tell something wasn't right. You could sense it in the air. Your mother looked at me with such a look that I got scared. She told me to take you and go. Not to once look back and continue running. I had to give you to Charlie. That was by far the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Sometimes I still hate myself for it. That night your mother, my sister, died. It's hard to forgive myself knowing I could've done something to help her. You look so much like her that it makes it worth it in a way, but I'd give anything to be able to hug your mother one last time and tell her I love you. Your heart belongs to the rez Isa, but it also belongs there with Charlie and Bella. Here on the rez we protect our family and honor the pact into which we are born Sweetheart. Jake told me about what happened Isa. If you are having troubles with your anger, I trust you enough to tell me. I love you okay? Changes are soon to come. Bigger ones then Bella moving in."

I laughed at his joke as I hugged him in a way that only I was allowed to. Now it made it sense why. Our conversation had brought up so many questions, but for right now I was satisfied with just hugging my uncle. So Sam Uley is my uncle. I love it.

After my talk with Sam I went in search for Paul,before meeting back up with the guys. Something about Paul drew me to him and I couldn't explain it. A smile was brought to my face as I thought of him. Needless to say I had a huge crush on him. In the midst of my thoughts I ran face first into a hard chest, knocking me off my feet. I hated that I was so short compared to all of them. I shook my head getting kind of dizzy as I looked up to see Paul smiling down at me. Let the flirtatious teasing begin.

"Damn Paul what do you bench press two elephants?"

"At least its more than two paper cups and a pot." He laughed before helping me to my feet and pulling me into a hug. This was something I had grown use to.

"'s the 'Isa and Bella under one roof' fiasco going so far?" He asked leaning against the shed.

"How can I put this nicely? I want to rip off her fucking head with my teeth." I said angrily. Paul laughed throwing his arm over my shoulder and walking towards Emily and Sam's place. "I'd rather stay here and deal with you and your bad body odor than go back home."

"You know you can't get enough of the way I smell. You love it and dream about it." he laughed obnoxiously as I punched him in his side. "You really are a little wild one. Are you staying for dinner?"

"I already ate. Not hungry." I shrugged.

"We can fix that." He picked me up and spun me around catching me off guard. I tried kicking him to get away and ran as soon as he put me making him chase me. I was laughing so hard that I hadn't seen the root in front of me and tripped landing hard before rolling on my back. To my surprise Paul tripped and landed on top of me. I thought he seen me fall. He just laid there, breathing heavily and not bothering to break eye contact. I think he landed on me on purpose, but damn I wanted to kiss him so badly.

"Paul! Isa! Get in here." yelled Sam and the moment was now gone. I'd never get that kiss.

"We're coming Sam." Yelled Paul rolling his eyes.

"Now!" He yelled causing us to jump. Paul stood up before offering me his hand to help me up.

"Your uncle is a piece of work." He teased.

"Yeah, he's such a hard ass, but I wouldn't change anything about him." I laughed. He shook his head as he threw his arm over my shoulder. I helped as Emily serve the food. She was the best cook I knew and it was the right thing to do since I was a guest in her home. After dinner Sam told me that Charlie wanted me back home. I groaned as the rest of the guys laughed. Hugging all of them goodbye I saved Paul for last.

"Text me." He stated more than ask. Still I nodded an okay.

"Do I have to yell at you two again? Isa go home."

"Okay Sam. I mean Mr. Hard Ass." Everyone paused as I laughed. He shook his head and to my surprise even cracked a smile. I was sure I would get reprimanded for that.

"I'm hard because I have to be Sweetheart." He said hugging me and I knew that he was referring to what happened with my mom. "Don't get any ideas, she and Emily are the only ones who can get away with calling me that." I laughed as I walked out with Jake hugging me from behind. I laughed at the obvious disapproval look on Paul's face.

"Must you always taunt him." I asked as we got in the car and started the back to my place.

"After sitting threw dinner with you the two of you eye fucking and flirting, he deserves it. If you don't know you both disgust me."

"Your crush on Bella disgusts me." I laughed.

"I told you that in confidence Isa. You're not suppose to tease me about it." he pouted.

"Hi my name is Isa, have we met before?"

He shook his head as we both laughed.

"Sometimes I hate you." I said nothing as I kissed his cheek right as we finally pulled up to the house. I got out and said goodnight to Billy who in return told me to be nice before the left. I didn't bother to reply I was too tired and just wanted my bed.
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