Sequel: Two Halves of a Moon
Status: i love vampires. this is loosly based on the book.

Half Sisters in More Ways Than One

3: "Touch Her Again and Next Time I Wont be So Nice"

The next day Charlie woke me with the shower. I groaned before heading downstairs and getting breakfast started. I was used to doing all the cooking for us and I enjoyed it. I was also use to waiting for the shower so cooking gave me something to do in that time. For a moment it was like old times. That was until he came down the stairs fully dress and drying his hair reminding me of our little predicament.

"No breakfast for me today Isa. I'm tight on time."

"I already made you a plate to go dad. It's on the counter."

"Thanks pumpkin. We have a few things to talk about when I get home. I need you and your sister to come straight home after school."

"Great, then you can explain to me why you never bothered to tell me that Sam Uley is my uncle." He sighed.

"Billy made me promise that I wouldn't until Sam was ready. It's not like you missed out on any precious niece/uncle time though. You are constantly on the rez."

"True and thank you for always letting me go. I guess now I understand why. Okay Charlie, this once you get a pass." I teased. He laughed just as Bella came downstairs. He kissed us both on the cheek goodbye. As soon as he was gone I turned towards Bella. I had promised Sam, so I was going to at least try.

"Want some breakfast?" I asked a small smile playing at my lips.

"What's in it Isa? Poison?"

"Why are you so intent on hating me Bella?"

"Because your mother ruined my parents marriage."

"Well I don't have a mother anymore are you satisfied." I yelled at her. She didn't answer but she smirked and that got deep under my skin. "Fuck you. I'll walk to school. Anything is better than spending time with you." I growled. It was a little chilly out today, but I didn't care. I rather walk then have to be in a car with her. I rolled my eyes as I started to walk up the stairs. I wasn't letting her win that easily. "You know if you treated Charlie like you treated Renee, he'd love you as much as he loves me. Know what never mind that's not possible. He loves the fact that I'm more athletic then you are. Obviously I'm the better looking one and I don't have pale skin and oily hair. How does someone get so pale while practically living in the sun? Not to mention that I do like fishing. Next time well catch a big one for the maid to clean and cook. Got to earn your stay somehow." I laughed as I turned and headed up the stairs. I could hear her mumbling something, but I didn't care. I was showered, dressed and heading out the door around the same time that Bella left. She drove off almost splashing me and I believe she tried to do it on purpose. It was official, this was definitely going to be harder than I thought. I sighed as I sent a text out to the guys.

Me: whoever wants to take me to school, I'll love them forever.

Paul: I'm on my way

I laughed as a dozen of 'gross' texts came to my phone. I don't know why I sent out a group text instead of individualize ones.

A few minutes later Paul pulled up. I smiled as I got in the passengers seat and quickly buckled up.

"You got here quick. couldn't go another second without seeing me, huh?" I teased.

"Don't flatter yourself Isa." he scoffed. "Anyways what happened? I thought you were suppose to be riding with Bella. Jake said it was supposed to be a bonding experiment."

"We kind of had a disagreement after Charlie left."

"You want to talk about it?"

"No, I'm okay. Just being with you makes it better. It's not too often that I have a guy so wrapped around my wittle finger." I laughed.

"Do you want to walk?"

"You don't have the guts to make me. You love me to much."

"Or maybe your uncle is Sam and he would kick my ass if I did and you told me." I couldn't help the little bubble of laughter that burst from my lips as he sped down the street. We pulled into the student parking lot unnoticed a moment later. I kissed his cheek before grabbing my bag from the backseat and getting out.

"Thanks again Paul, you're a life saver."

"Don't mention it. Be careful Isa."

"Is Paul concerned for little ole Isa? Afraid she's going to lose her cool and hurt Bella? Or that one of the Cullen's will actually talk to me. You know that Edward is actually pretty cute." I joked before closing the door. Paul got out of the car and picked me up before spinning me around. I screamed stop loudly drawing attention to us before he finally put me down.

"Your jokes aren't funny. Just be careful okay? I'll see you later." He pulled me into a hug as I admittedly inhaled his sent. He was right, I did like the way he smell. Not like that was creepy at all.

"Actually you have to text me. Charlie wants me to come straight home so that we can talk." He nodded his head as an okay before getting back in his car. Before speeding off he raised down the window and smiled.

"By the way badass make-up." He laughed as he drove off. I pulled out my mirror to see that I had little eyeliner marks on my cheeks. I narrowed my eyes realizing that he had did it. I didn't know how, but he had to have done it. He was such an asshole at times.


I was barely on time before the bell rang. As I walked to my locker I noticed everyone was in Bella's face. It was annoying. They almost disgust me as much as Jacob's crush on her did. By the time lunch came around I was offered to join them, not wanting people to be in our business I accepted. I was so bored sitting with them and wishing I could be sitting with guys right now.

"Hey Mike, I see you met my girl." Said Eric as he and Bella sat down. I instantly rolled my eyes. If I hadn't been around them all my life I'd be getting the same treatment. They were predictable. It was like she was the new shiny toy.

"Oh your girl?" Asked Mike.

"My girl." Said Tyler laughing before making Mike fall out of his seat and running. I actually couldn't help but laugh at that. As soon as that happened Angela sat down and snapped a picture of Bella. It was at that moment that I put my headphones in to block out whatever lame conversation they would be having. It wasn't until I read Bella lips in which she asked "who are they?", referring to the Cullen's, that I took the headphones out.

"Those are the Cullens. Doctor and Mrs.Cullen foster kids and they're together, like together together. The blonde, that's Rosalie and the big one is Emmet. They're a thing. The short one is named Alice, she's with the blonde one who looks like he's in pain. That's Jasper."

"Who's he?" asked Bella. I narrowed my eyes at her she was a little to interested in them for my taste and they were egging it on.

Angela and Jessica smiled at her.

"That's Edward. Totally gorgeous of course, but apparently no one here is good enough for him. Not that I care. Like seriously, don't waste your time."

"Wasn't planning on it." I looked at both of them and could feel the lies floating through the air. Bella kept looking at them. I followed her gaze and to my surprise he was staring back at her, then his attention shifted to me. His eyes instantly narrowed at me. I could see as Bella stared at me curiously.

"What Bella?" I asked giving my attention to her.

"Did you two use to date or something?" Of course that's where her mind when first.

"No, are you that dumb? I've just heard some things about them on the rez."

"Things like what?"

"Nothing important. Just stay away from them."

"Are you telling me what to do?"

"I could care less what you do Bella. I'm just passing the message along. Look, just do as told. Also dad said to be home after school. Don't worry about me, I'll get a ride from one of the guys."

"I wasn't worried." I shot her a stern look as I excited the cafeteria. She smirked as I rolled my eyes. I turned away and began to walk to my next class. To my surprise I was stopped by Edward.

"You shouldn't believe everything you hear." He said.

"And you know nothing about me."

"I sense that you already know nothing important about yourself." he spat.

"Geez what are you seventeen or one hundred seventeen?"

"My age doesn't matter. I apologize for my intrusion." At this point we were by the students parking lot and he insisted on continuing to talk to me.

"Whatever. Just stay away from Bella, alright? I seen the way you looked at her in lunch." I turned to walk away just as he grabbed my arm. I would be lying if I said I wasn't frightened.

"Let her go Cullen." Said Paul's voice as he, Jake, Embry and Quil walked towards me. Edward did as told and soon the rest of his family was alongside side him. Oh no! This could end so wrong and we're were all definitely going to be getting in trouble.

"We don't want any trouble."spoke Jasper. I rolled my eyes. It felt like everyone was talking around me and I didn't like that feeling. Choosing to ignore the situation I walked towards the guys and hugged all of them. I just knew they were still glaring at the Cullens. If only looks could kill...

"Tell your brother to stay away from her. I see you touch her again, and next time I won't be so nice." Said Paul looking from Jasper to Edward. I touched Paul's arm and his body was hot. I stepped back mouthing a quick "grab him, he's hot" to Jacob them. Before anything else could happen Sam's voice broke through.

"Paul! Relax. What's going on here!"

"Hey Uncle Sam." I said using my most innocent voice. He rolled his eyes.

"Cut the act Isa." he snap making me roll my eyes.

"Fine. I wasn't feeling good and since the guys got out early today they offered to pick me up." I lied.

"Nobody had permission for any of that."

"I know, but I was on my way out when this Cullen kid grabbed me."

"It was a misunderstanding sir. We'll leave you be." Sam said nothing as he turned back towards me.

"I told you to stay away from them!"he yelled causing me to jump. I had never seen Sam this angry and I didn't understand why. The only time he ever yelled at me was in a joking matter.

"I did Sam, honest. He stopped me saying I shouldn't believe everything I hear and I-"

"Why didn't you just walk away?" he asked his body shaking.

"I tried, but he followed me." I cried feeling tears come to my eyes.

"Get home. Now! Paul come with me." And they were off into the woods. I stood there frozen unable to move. Before I knew it Jake arms were around me hugging me. They all picked me up and put me in the car and I still couldn't utter a word. As Embry buckled me up I couldn't contain it anymore.

"Who the fuck does he think he is?! Why the hell did he feel the need to yell at me? How the fuck did he even know you guys were here?" I could feel my blood boiling. I was so mad at him. I just didn't understand any of this.

"Yeah he was a little crazy back there, but you have to understand Isa. The people that killed your mother were like the Cullen's. They changed his life forever. Look Isa, he'll tell you the rest. Just for now try and understand, and please. Please stay away from the Cullen's."

"Is nobody hearing the fact that he stopped me?"

"Are you not hearing the fact that you didn't walk away?"

I groaned as I rolled my eyes.

"I was just trying to- Ugh! Never mind. Just take me home Jake, I'm really not feeling to good now."
Nothing else was said as they dropped me off at home. I didn't bother to say goodbye to anyone. I was upset and my head hurt. I just wanted to get in my bed and sleep.
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