Sequel: Two Halves of a Moon
Status: i love vampires. this is loosly based on the book.

Half Sisters in More Ways Than One

4: "I Almost Lied To Harry Clearwater For You..."

The next few days passed at an alarming rate. The sun came up and set at it's usual time. I hadn't heard from Paul or any of the other guys. I did ,however, see Jake and Billy about three days ago when they came over. I practically begged Billy to let me visit the rez. He denied me once again saying that even though Paul and I were cute together, when it came to the other being messed with in a way we didn't approve of, we had no idea how to control our tempers. Therefore he, Sam and Charlie felt the need to keep us apart. I groaned as Jake mouthed a quick "sorry" causing me to rolled my eyes. This wasn't far. Today was a Sunday, however, and I really wanted to go to the rez. I always went to the rez on Sundays, but again I was denied.

"Take it as a chance to get better acquainted with Bella, Isa. I'm going fishing." Said Charlie as Harry Clearwater pulled up. After saying a quick hello to Harry and having him also agree with the others I pouted.

"It's okay Isa. After you and Paul have calmed down a bit you will be allowed to see each other again."

"But I am calm Harry, I promise." I whined.

"You are not, wild one, you continue to fight your elders even though we all have said no repeatedly. As do he, but his anger has grown worse." He had me there. I kissed both their cheeks and waved goodbye as they left before walking back into the house. I found Bella laying on her bed on her side of the room. I pulled the curtain back that separated the room into two it was about time we go passed this. I didn't have the energy for it anymore.

"Alright, they aren't going to let me see Paul until we get along. Let's get this over with."

"And what makes you think I want to help you." she snapped.

"Cause if you ever want to see Edward Cullen without problems from me you will." I grinned as she narrowed her eyes at me.

"Fine. Where do we start?"

"We can start by you telling me what it's like to have a mom." I said earnestly surprising the both of us.

"First explain to me what's your deal with the Cullens."

"All I know is that my uncle told me to stay away from them and I intend on listening to him."

"Who's your uncle?"

"Sam Uley. Now tell me what it's like to have a mom." For a moment everything went silent. After a while she sighed and patted the space next to her on her bed. I took it gratefully.

"Having a mom can be both a good and bad thing. My mother, however, I feel is too invested in me and my life. Sometimes she just has to know everything. A few years back she gave me the sex talk. It was so awkward, but I'm sure not as awkward as it would be having to have it with Charlie."she laughed as I raised my eyebrow at her questioningly.

"Actually Emily gave me the sex talk. To think about it anything dealing with and/or about women she talked to me about and helped me through."

"Isa, that's all a mother is. To be there when you need her and to help you through the rough times. The only thing you didn't have was someone to tuck you in at night, and Charlie was there for that." I smiled as she grabbed my hand. She was right.

"Just great, I really need to talk to Emily right now and I'm not even allowed to go to the rez."

"Why is that?"

"Paul is being a hothead and if I'm being honest we were busted trying to disobey. So yeah, can't go to rez."

"A hot head and a wild one, that's a little cliché don't you think?". I laughed as I pushed her playfully. I hadn't even thought about that. We spent the next few hours talking and explaining ourselves to each other. Come to find out we had more similarities than differences and our hatred was literally based on the fact that I spent more time with Charlie and she didn't. Whereas I felt she chose her mother over him, she thought he didn't want her around because he had me. We both laughed at that realizing just how stupid we were being when a rock hit the window. We both looked at each other confused as I jumped up going over to the window and saw Paul, instantly I smiled.

"Bella do you promise you won't tell?" I asked.

"I can't tell what I don't see." She said getting up off the bed with a wink. I hugged her as a small thanks and let the window up.

"Get the ladder." I yelled stepping out the way to let him in.

Seconds later he came crawling through the window. Immediately, I wrapped my arms around his waist pulling him close to me.

"I've missed you." I said. "We can get into so much trouble for this, but I missed you."

"I don't care Isa, I needed to see you." I wanted to tease him, but I knew that doing that right now, would not be the logical thing to do.

"Sam is going to kill us." I whispered against his chest.

"I won't let him any where near you." He said into my hair. For a while we stood there just hugging and inhaling each others scent. We knew it was going to be a while before we got to see each other again, and it was like we didn't want to forget each other. I looked up into his eyes just as he stared down at me. I wanted nothing more then to push our lips together in such a passionate way. As soon as I gained enough courage to begin to lean in, and was happy when he leaned towards me also, Bella came bursting through the door. She blushed realizing what was going on. I rolled my eyes and groaned as I laid my head against Paul's chest again. I could sense that Paul was irritated by the interruption also.

"What Bella?" I growled.

"Oh please tell me we aren't there again." She spat leaning against the door. I sighed.

"You're right. I'm sorry, but what is it? We were kinda in the middle of something."

"Oh yeah, dad and Harry are about to pull up. You should probably hurry up." Just as she said that I heard the familiar sound of Charlie's cruiser. I groaned again. I was never going to get that kiss.

"Thanks Bella." I said just as she walked out the room. I could hear her acting as if nothing was going on just as Charlie and Harry walked through the door.

"Until next time I guess."

"Guess so." he sighed "Here." He said handing me his jacket and before I could utter another word he was gone. I sighed as I pulled his jacket around my shoulders.

"Going somewhere?" asked Charlie startling me. I turned around towards him and tried my best not to seem guilty.

"No, why do you ask?" I smiled halfheartedly.

"Cause Paul isn't on the rez and some thought that maybe you were going to meet up with him. If you hadn't already left that is."

"I was getting ready for a night out with Bella, but seeing as Paul has suddenly disappeared you're not letting us go anywhere. Are you?"

"Bingo Kiddo." I groaned as I sat down on my bed and he left out. When I looked up Harry was still standing there looking at me suspiciously.

"Where'd you get Paul's jacket Isa?"

"It was left on the doorstep earlier. I missed him so much that I just put it on and didn't question it." Technically that's wasn't a full lie.

"Okay, if he contacts you tell him he's not helping the situation by going off."

"Will do Harry." I smiled innocently.

"You two really bring out the best and worst of each other. A hothead and a wild one. We should've known better." Laughed Harry and I knew he knew I was lying.

"He was here Harry, but he left. Honest. If he shows up again. I'll make sure to tell him to come home."

"I know you will Isa." He smiled and left closing the door behind him. I threw myself on my bed and sighed. I couldn't believe I almost lied to Harry Clearwater for Paul. I gasped as I felt someone sit next to me. I looked up to see Paul.

"I almost lied to Harry for you."

"I know he told me. He's waiting for me downstairs to keep Charlie from coming up."

"Why did he let you sneak in again?"

"Something about pure love. Look, can I try something before I lose the nerve."

"Sure." I said barely over a whisper.

His fingers roamed freely through my long raven black hair as I felt myself lean into that simple touch. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and before I knew it his lips were pressed up against mines. It was then that I admitted to myself that I was so in love with Paul to the point that I wouldn't ever let him go. In the middle of our make out session Bella barged into the room again.

"Oh sorry. I'm so sorry." she laughed as I hid my face in Paul's chest blushing. I could feel the vibrations of his laugh. "Dad said to come say goodbye to Harry." I groaned as I got up.

"See you later wild one." He laughed as I smiled. Hearing him use the name the elders gave me to describe me warmed me greatly.

"Later, hothead." He shook his head as he disappeared out the window and I ran down the stairs. As soon as Harry saw me he smiled. I knew I was smiling a mile a minute as I walked towards him and hugged him tightly.

"Thanks Harry." I whispered in his ear.

"No problem. Just don't let it happen again. Glad the two of you are happy."

"I have a feeling its only going to get better." I joked.

"I know it will." Laughed Harry. That confused me. I said nothing though. Instead I grabbed Bella and ran back upstairs.

"Thanks for covering for me."

"No problem. How was it?" She gushed.

"Magical." That was the only way I could describe it. She rolled her eyes.

"That's funny."


"Usually the magical part is looking into someone eyes. He never looked into yours, even though you were looking into his."

This I thought on and she was right. Paul never actually looked into my eyes, he looked at my forehead and I never noticed. I wondered why, and I was going to find out.
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So I don't know if you realized or not, but I am trying my hardest to include Bella as much as possible without seeming like a plagiarist. At least they're getting along. :-) :-)