Sequel: Two Halves of a Moon
Status: i love vampires. this is loosly based on the book.

Half Sisters in More Ways Than One

7:"I Am Sick"

To my surprise being on the reservation for a full night, was not the fairy-tale dream I had hoped it would be. Instead it was frustrating. Very frustrating. I couldn't control my anger if my life depended on it. Especially since Sam kept watch over me and Paul like an oversize grown dog. Paul, however, found it funny. I didn't. I felt like a five year old being watch like that. At some point I yelled "we're not going to have sex on the couch Sam, geesh." Paul and Emily found that extremely hilarious, but Sam didn't like it too much. I rolled my eyes wishing I could tell Bella about this, but I knew I couldn't. Now that I was one of the pact I had to keep the pacts secret. That night I tossed, turned and annoyed Paul with my movements. I really hated that Sam felt the need to watch us all night. It was beyond creepy. Especially since Paul kept on pulling me closer to him and kissing me on the head. The next morning Sam called Charlie and told him that I had came down with something contagious on the rez. He explained that Emily had it also so he was going to let me stay there until I got better. Which could take a couple of weeks. Charlie complied with a little more than a fight. I had to promise that I would call him every night and say goodnight to him and Bella. It was easy terms to deal with if it was based on a few days. This was a few weeks we were talking about. Anyways the next day I was woken up by Sam too early for my liking.

"Let's take a walk Isa." he said tossing me the toiletry bag that he got from Charlie. I groaned.

"You're suppose to be teaching me to control my anger, not causing it by waking me at the break of dawn."

"Get up Isa. We need to talk. Hurry up now." I groaned again. Taking orders with out a choice was going to take some getting use to. I turned to see that Paul was still sleep. I smiled even though I wanted to slap him awake. After a quick shower and brushing my teeth I was dress and ready to go.

"Uncle Sam!" I yelled jumping on his back and laughing. He just shook his head. "I'm ready to go. Can I have a piggyback?"

"You get one. Are you sure you want to use it now?"

"Positive. I'm still sleepy."

"Fine." He adjusted me on his back before kissing Emily on the cheek goodbye. Paul waved, but didn't bother to get up and kiss me goodbye. I shook my head laughing understanding the feeling all to well. Soon we were heading down to where the elders held bonfires. I got off his back and we both sat down on the log. Instantly I laid my head on his shoulder. I could feel as he silently laughed.

"You know Isa, when Mara was about your age our mom, your grandma told us something that I've carried with me all my life. I want to tell it to you."

"Sure." I said even though he wasn't asking.

"She said, we protect the ones we love and strangers also, but we still have to let them make their own mistakes. We only protect when we fear that our loved ones are in danger. It has to be for sure signs and not just a gut feeling. Our gut can't always be right. Look deep within your bones for an answer. I didn't quite understand at first, as I'm sure you won't."

"I don't." I laughed slightly embarrassed. He sighed.

"Look, I know that you are concerned about Bella. You two have done something no one thought you would do in such a short amount of time. You became more than sisters. You became blood. That's a bond like no other. We are all share your concern for Bella and we all worry, but we can't do or say anything unless there's an obvious display that she needs our help."

"I won't interfere Uncle Sam, I promise."

"I know you won't wild one. I woke you up this early so that we could watch the sunrise. It was something Mara and I loved to do after a night of patrolling. I want to share that experience with you." I smiled as I nestled up closer to him and began to watch the sunrise. I couldn't have asked for a better morning. I must've fallen asleep while with Sam because when I woke up again I was back on the pullout bed of the couch. I was expecting to be alone, but Paul was sitting right there watching TV.

"I thought you would've been with the guys by now." I stretched before getting up and heading to the bathroom. When I came back he had folded everything and the couch was the couch again.

"I didn't want to leave you alone." he said patting the seat next to him. I smiled as I sat on his lap and pushed our lips together. "Everyone was talking about going to LA Push beach though. We can go if you want." I was going to shake my head no, but I could sense that Paul wanted to go. Images of us walking hand in hand along the beach flashed before my eyes. I knew I was blushing as Paul laughed.

"We can go. I'm just going to go freshen up a little."

"Please do. You smell."

"Says the guy that smells like old gym socks."

"I'll show you old gym socks." I screamed as he jumped over the couch and chased me through the house. He caught me seconds later on the fact that I couldn't laugh and run at the same time.

"It's like coming home to a bunch of four year olds." Said Sam walking straight past us. Paul and I looked at each other and burst into laughter. An hour later Paul, Embry, Quil, Jake and I were all headed to the beach. They had new reasons for teasing seeing as Paul spent the night with me.

"Did you guys do doggy style?" Laughed Embry.

"No way dude. Sam would've went ballistic and Paul was going to be the bitch."

"If you two don't shut up, I'll make you shut up."

"Oh please Isa, please don't go all wolf on us" they mocked before bursting into laughter. I shook my head as even Paul laughed.

"Hey look there's Bella let's go speak."

"Woah, lover boy. I'm suppose to be sick remember."

"Oh yeah. Look put on this face mask and we'll tell her Sam let you out for some fresh air. Lean on Paul like he's helping you to stand. That should be easy since you're sleeping together." he smirked.

"Nope your stupid plan, I'm leaning on both of you." Jacob laughed as he and Paul threw my arms over their shoulders. I was mostly leaning into Paul though, he smelled to good to pass up the opportunity. When we got over to Bella Jake spoke and introduced her to Quil and Embry. Before she could get out a few words Mike came up to me.

"Hey Isa, miss you at school today." He flirted. I wanted to vomit in his face.

"Mike meet Paul, my boyfriend." I smirked a he took a few steps back and mouth a silent "oh". I couldn't help but laugh. Then Bella spoke up.

"Isa, Dad said Sam said you were sick. How come you're walking on the beach?"

" I am, but Sam thought it'd be good for me to get some fresh air for a while since I've been in bed since I've been here." I said as Jake and the guys snickered. "I'm going to head back now though."

"Oh okay. Well get better." she said.

"I've got Paul and Sam. I will." We smiled at each other before Paul picked me up and carried me off.

"That dude is seriously scary looking." Said Mike as we walked away. I could see everyone agreeing with him, but Jake and the guys trying not to laugh. I would've laughed also.

"That was a close one."


"So what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know. Maybe we can play a board game or something?"

"You cheat at board games Paul. I don't want to play a game were you cheat."

"I do not." He laughed.

"You so do. You still out the bank and everything all the time."

"Like I stole your heart." He mumbled as he wrapped his arms around me from behind. I laughed.

"That was so cheesy Paul."

"But very true."

"True indeed."

"I love you Isa."

"I love you too Paul." Nothing else was said as we stood there. Me leaning against his chest and his head on my shoulders. I couldn't have asked for a better day.
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