Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

You Actually Have a Life?

University of Chicago, a world away from the small community college I was at back home in Winnipeg. The mass of students was crazy and a little bit overwhelming at times. I had transferred for my junior year and start working on my physical therapy degree. My parents were nervous about it but eventually went along with the idea. I even got a job while I was here, just to sweeten the deal for them.

I had finished classes for the day, throwing my bag over my shoulder and walking out into the cold afternoon. One thing that I was used to was the biting Northern winters. With no work that night, I decided to head back home to start on my homework. I usually went to the library but at this time of day, the apartment would be quiet. I lived with my older brother in the city, another reason why my parents let me come to the US to finish school. My brother and I got along pretty well, we were really close and they figured he was responsible enough now. There are plenty of stories between the two of us that would make them think otherwise if they ever knew. A few too many drunken nights and one incident with a drunken tattoo that both of us have to match.

I pulled my toque down a little as the wind whipped around me. I trudged against it for the few blocks that school was from the apartment building. So far, I had made it through the fall semester without telling anyone my last name, except for my professors. I didn’t add classmates on Facebook, claiming that I didn’t have one. I had a bad experience with my last name the first time I was in Chicago and I wasn’t about to start making some fake friends. The few friends I had, I would tell….eventually.

I made it to the building and smiled at the doorman, who let me right in. I headed into the elevator and hit one of the upper levels, rubbing my hands as I took off my mittens. The elevator dinged and the doors slid open, letting me into the hallway. There were only two doors on this floor, my brother’s and his neighbor, some older rich couple. I dug my keys out of my jacket and let myself in, kicking the door closed behind me. I sighed, putting my bag and keys on the table and shrugging out of my jacket, hanging it up carefully. I heard some voices down the hall, towards my brother’s room. I figured it was the TV and shrugged it off as I went over to the kitchen to make myself a sandwich.

“Oh!” I heard a female voice say, very close by. I turned around to see a woman around my brother’s age, standing there and looking at me funny.

“Um….hi?” I said slowly, not knowing who the hell this was. Then Jon came after her and smiled over at me, a little bit of a laugh at the look on my face.

“Didn’t think you’d be home so early…” He said, escorting her to the door and walking out with her. Within a few minutes, he was back inside, without the woman.

“Who was that?” I asked, putting some peanut butter on my bread then grabbing a banana.

“None of your business, brat.” He said, coming over and messing with my hair. I swung at him, making him laugh as he walked away.

“Not coming to your game tonight!” I shouted after him, cutting up my banana and putting it on my sandwich, cutting it in half and eating one half.

“Yes you are! You’re gonna keep Kylee company.” He replied, coming back into the kitchen. “That was her….she’s my girlfriend.”

“Oh! Wow! You actually have a life?” I teased, grinning at him. He rolled his eyes at me and patted my back as he passed by.

“I’m leaving for the arena in an hour, you gonna be ready?” He asked, making me shoot him a duh look. “Okay, alright. One hour, be ready to go.” He said. Sweet, get to spend the night with Jon’s new girlfriend….
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Kathryn Toews