Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever


Dinner was… interesting. I kind of expected to be more interrogated by the Toews parents. I got a few questions sent my way, but they seemed to be focused on Kathryn. From the start, I could see that she was uneasy about it… and I had no idea what to do to help her in anyway. I just sat there and watched her stew painfully.

Once she left, the conversation shifted to Jonathan and team Canada’s expected performance in the games. It took him a while for his eyes to look up at his parents as he spoke, telling me that he didn’t really want to talk much about this subject either. Since I was sitting next to him, I could do something to try and help him out! I reached over and took his hand, lacing my fingers with his. A slight smile appeared on his face as he talked, warming my heart a bit.

When everyone was finished, Jonathan and I parted ways from the rest of the Toews family and slowly walked back to my room. It was silent for a few moments. I didn’t know what to say… or even if he wanted to talk.

“Are they always… kind of… intense towards Kathryn?” I chanced it and asked… and then I suddenly wanted to take it back. I just met them! I shouldn’t have said anything.

“Yeah, ever since…” he trailed off and then his facial features tightened. “Yeah,” he finished, obviously not going where he wanted to in the beginning.

“But they still seem very proud of both of you,” I tried to change the tone of the conversation.

“Yeah,” he agreed with a small smile. He even gave my hand squeeze.

Silence fell over us once again, but it was a little better than before. It wasn’t too long before we were standing in front of the door to my room though. When it was opened, he stepped in after me… and I knew he wanted to check and see if his sister was inside. She wasn’t however…

“Where the hell is she?” he muttered and brought his phone out.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” I replied and went over to him, placing my hand on his to stop him from bringing up anything. He glanced up at me, searching for something to reply with… but he just shoved his phone back into his pocket. “She’s kind of… locked in, isn’t she?” I reminded him.

Slowly, he thought that over in his head. Eventually, he nodded, agreeing. It allowed his body to relax a bit since he seemed to rather tense.

“I’ll… just stay for a little bit,” he said then.

“What ever makes you feel better, big brother,” I teased and fell onto the bed to kick my shoes off.

He narrowed his gaze towards me, but his smile couldn’t stay away. He came over and spread out over my bed, holding his arms out to pull me against his chest. Before my smile grew too wide, he pressed his lips gently against mine.

“It’s cute how close you guys are,” I brought up once I nuzzled against him more.

Cute,” he muttered.

“It is,” I cooed, unable to fight off laughter along with him. “I don’t ever want to do anything to hurt that,” I added once it faded.

“I know you don’t,” was his reply, letting his eyes slowly close.

I smiled at his cuteness and reached forward to plant a quick kiss to his forehead. I knew that he wasn’t going to move until he saw that his sister was inside this room… I just hoped she came back soon. There isn’t a curfew for the athletes right? He won’t get into trouble?
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I was so unfocused while writing this... like uuuugh.