Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Thanks, Jack!

My phone woke me up the following morning. I groaned loudly. Jonathan’s name was written across the top. I huffed, mentally cursing at him for being the cause or running up my phone bill… as I answered of course.

“Where are you at?” was the first thing he said after my muttered greeting.

“In bed,” I grumbled and rolled over, letting my feet touch the floor.

“Get up! We agreed to meet for breakfast!” he said a little loudly, but a chuckle was in his voice.

“No we didn’t,” I wrinkled my brow, trying to recall me agreeing to breakfast!

“Yes, we did! When I left last night,” he explained.

“… I must have been asleep,” was the only excuse I had. His eyes were closed! Mine just kind… did the same.

“Oh my god,” he laughed. “Well, since you’re still in bed, we can’t meet up before practice then.”

“Well, Kathryn’s way ahead me,” I countered, noticing the empty bed… and the note next to my own.

“What?” he questioned, his tone quickly changing.

“She already went to the arena,” I answered.

“Oh,” was all he said.

I rolled my eyes, not prepared for big brother Toews at the moment. I told him I would get ready and get down to the building to catch his practice. Changing quickly, I pulled a hat over my messy hair, flicked a line of eyeliner over the lids of my eyes and snatched up my camera before I stepped out of my room. This was the first time I was walking around on my own… and I was 98% sure I knew where I was going… I think.

On my way though, I stopped to snap a few random pictures. I actually… spotted the USA hockey team gathering before their practice session just outside the other building… and couldn’t resist taking a few shots of those handsome men. One actually… caught me taking pictures. He glanced over at me and smiled kind of awkwardly. I lowered my camera and flashed off an innocent smile… and waved because I’m insanely awkward myself. But apparently, he took this as an invitation to come over… Oh shit…

“Hi,” he spoke once he was next to me.

“Hey, how are you?” my instincts told me to stay.

“Good, good. How are you?” he kept going, flashing off a pair of blue eyes.

“Actually late for a practice, but…” I trailed off, hoping that got me out of this conversation.

“Practice?” he questioned. Urg!

“Yeah, uh… Canada’s hock…”

“Canada? You should stick around with us,” he flashed a bright smile.

“Yeah…” I had to laugh.

“Canada shouldn’t get all the pretty media reporters,” he countered.

In my head, I corrected him and told him I was just here to support my boyfriend and take some pictures of my own personal portfolio… but that didn’t happen. He called me pretty and apparently my brain didn’t know how to react to that. I kind of just stared at him, feeling my face flush a bit.

“I’m Jack,” he started, holding his hand out for me.

“I’m Kylee,” I found myself saying, shaking is large, rough hand.

“Well, I hope I see you around more, Kylee,” he went on and took a few steps back as people began to call out for him.

As he walked away, I shook that encounter off. What the hell was that! I’m not supposed to be approached randomly and make small talk. Jack… what a dumb name; should have kept it to himself. I’m never going near team USA again. I am traumatized! Thanks, Jack!

With my camera left hanging around my neck, I shoved my hands into the front pockets of my sweatshirt and entered the building that I needed to be in before I was approached by Jack. I spotted Jonathan right away. The big number sixteen with his last name above it gave it away. His parents were next to him though. He was on his skates, making him tower over everyone more than he already did. His stick was upside down as he leaned on it, watching a practice session wrap up in front of him.

“Look who decided to show up,” his deep voice boomed once he caught sight of me.

“I’m sorry!” I cringed as I approached.

“Check out who’s on the ice,” he said, pointing a gloved finger towards the rink.

I looked and scanned over the jerseys. One of them was slightly different than the others… and sported the Toews name. It didn’t fully click for me at first. I looked back at Jonathan, lost for words and then noticed someone was missing from the group.

“Kathryn?” I asked… like a damn dumbass.

He nodded with a smile threatening to come over his lips. He didn’t say anything, but went back to watching his sister glide across the ice similar to the way that he does. Since when did Kathryn do that hockey thing?!
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*gasp* an American!