Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Mr. Canada Himself

Practice ended and my parents mentioned that they were going on a little date and that they would see us all for dinner. Kylee and I hung out in the stands; waiting for a bit before we would head down towards the locker room to get Jon. She was going through all the pictures she took from the practice before turning to me.

“Have you and Jon talked about the accident recently?” She asked, looking out at the ice now.

“We haven’t talked about it since I left hockey….so about four years.” I said, playing with the sleeves on my jersey.

“Maybe…you guys should talk about it. It might help you move on.” She suggested, looking a little hopeful. I shook my head, looking at the ice as well.

“I don’t want to…I just….can’t even think about it without getting angry at him.” I said, sighing heavily.

“That’s not healthy…to just hold that in…and I’m sure it affects him too.” She said, looking over at me again. “He looked so happy to see you on the ice, Kathryn.”

“Yeah….well, it’s not going to happen again.” I said with another heavy sigh and stood up, grabbing my bag. “Come on, he’s probably ready.” I started down the steps and then waited at the bottom for her. We both started heading towards the locker room when someone grabbed my arm.

“Hey!” Sidney said, smiling at me. He was on his way out, just catching us as we headed in. Kylee stopped, standing a decent distance from us and grinning like an asshole.

“Hey, nice practice, think you guys are ready?” I asked, smiling back at him a little. He pushed his hands into his pockets, his shoulders hunching up a little, making himself seem a little less intimidating.

“I think it’s there…we just need one more practice and I think we’ll be solid. Nice skating, by the way.” He said, nudging me with his elbow.

“Oh….haha….yeah.” I said, laughing a little awkwardly. He leaned down a little bit, looking slightly concerned.

“I heard about the accident you were in…you really shouldn’t let that stop you from playing again. You’re amazing.” He said quietly. My eye’s widened slightly and I was about to ask him how he knew when he spoke up again. “I sort of…googled your name.”

“Sidney Crosby! Are you stalking me?” I said in fake shock, grinning at him. He started smiling shyly, his cheeks turning a little red. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone was standing with Kylee now.

“I um….would you like to maybe grab lunch together?” He asked, making me smile again. He was being so shy and adorable; I almost wanted to hug him.

“I’m sure my brother wants some alone time with his girlfriend….” I said, smiling at him. He smiled back, standing up straight again and holding his hand out for me, which I took in an over-exaggerated, Disney princess like manner. “Catch you losers later!” I called back to Jon and Kylee, walking with Sidney out of the arena.

We headed to one of the many restaurants around the Olympic village, deciding on something in Canada, since we didn’t want to curse our team by going to another country’s village. I ordered myself water, knowing I shouldn’t drink this early in the day, especially since I’ll need a drink at dinner with my family later that night. I almost wanted to smack myself, thinking I was dreaming. I mean…I’m on a lunch date with Mr. Canada himself!
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