Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

For Now

“So, you live in Chicago with Jon?” Sidney asked, glancing up at me from his meal. I was not at all surprised by how much he was eating, I mean, I lived with Jon. I know how much athletes eat, especially when they’ve been training more than usual.

“Yeah, I’m going to school out there, I have two years left before I get my Bachelors. I’ll be going for my Masters shortly after…if I can find a company who will let me work and do it.” I said, finishing my food ages ago. Sidney just nodded at that, looking like he was thinking.

“Have you thought about working for the Blackhawks? Or would that be weird for you?” He asked, looking up at me again.

“Thought about it, not sure….I’ve got another few months before I need to find an internship and get those clinical hours.” I said, smiling a little at the idea of finally getting something done.

“I’m sure you’re going to be great…I know I wouldn’t mind having a beautiful woman help me heal.” He said, making me laugh a little. He ducked his head slightly, smiling and shaking his head at himself.

“So, what does Sidney Crosby do for fun?” I asked, leaning on the table with my arms folded.

“Not much…I’m being observed all day, every day. I can’t risk anything getting me in trouble or making me look bad.” He said, frowning just slightly. Poor guy, I’m sure he would love to go out and party with friends.

“Oh come on, I’m sure going out for a few drinks and then having a designated driver or a cab take you home isn’t going to kill you.” I said, wincing slightly at my own words.

“Drunk driving almost killed you, didn’t it?” He said, looking suddenly very serious. I made a face and he instantly looked like he regretted bringing it up. “I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s okay…” I said, shrugging a little bit. “It happened…I’m gonna have to come to terms with it someday.”

“Do you still talk to the friend who caused the accident? Maybe you guys should talk about it…” He said, crossing his arms on the table.

“Yeah….maybe…” I said, looking over at the windows, seeing crowds of people heading to the ice rink for Team Sweden’s first game.

“Well, I need to head to the gym…I wish I didn’t have to but…” He said, looking a little nervous.

“Oh, no, I understand! Olympics, it’s important.” I said, sending him a smile. He smiled back, catching the attention of the waitress and paying the bill before taking my hand and walking out with me.

“Soo….would it be okay….if I called that a first date?” He asked very shyly, not even looking at me. I smiled, squeezing his hand so he would look over. He smiled back and I gently bumped against him.

“I think that would be okay.” I said, making him smile and move his arm around my waist now.

“I hope your brother won’t kill me.” He said, making me start to laugh.

“He can’t, you’re on the same team….for now.” I said, now it was his turn to laugh, shaking his head. We got to the athlete’s lodge and exchanged phone numbers before he went inside to start working out. I checked the time and decided a nap sounded really nice right now before I had dinner with my family. So far, today was going pretty well!
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