Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Awkward Family Dinner

Yet another awkward family dinner in Sochi, minus the company of Kylee, though I would have liked her to be there. She would have taken some attention away from my little skate earlier in the day. Now it was all my parents wanted to talk about.

“You are still as great as before, sweetheart! You should maybe think of giving it a try again.” My mom said, smiling expectantly at me.

“I’m in school, mom. I can’t just drop out when I’m so close to getting my degree.” I said, looking at my plate.

“So just talk to your old team, maybe rejoin them when you graduate. Or finish through online and do your clinical with the team.” My dad suggested.

“Maybe I don’t want to play professionally.” I snapped slightly, shooting him a look.

“You need to get over this….” Jon mumbled, making me drop my fork to the plate and snap my gaze over to him.

“Excuse me, Jon?” I snapped, glaring harshly at him. He looked back at me with a slightly irritated face.

“I’m just saying, it’s been five years now. You loved hockey, stop denying it like you never did.” He said, making me feel like I was going to turn red.

“You’re one to talk, Jon. This is so rich. You know what, fuck you and I will never forgive you.” I snapped, throwing my napkin onto the table and storming out of my second family dinner.

I stormed my way back to the room, nearly breaking down the door as I walked in. The shower was running so I assumed Kylee was in there. I grabbed my laptop and started searching for the soonest flight back to Chicago. I was so angry at him. How dare him!? He was the whole reason why I lost out on the Olympic team and my career! The bathroom door opened and Kylee stepped out, mumbling something as she passed by the front door.

“Hey….you okay?” She asked carefully, seeing the angry expression on my face.

“No, I’m finding the next flight out of here. I can’t fucking look at Jon or I’m going to punch him.” I said, searching for any flights. Just my luck, I couldn’t find one.

“No, Kathryn, you can’t just run…well…fly away, from this problem.” Kylee said calmly, sitting on the bed near my feet.

“He’s the whole reason why I wasn’t on the Olympic team! He just told me to get over it, that it’s been five years. How can he say that when he knows he’s the reason why!?” I said, feeling tears building as I pulled my hoodie sleeves up to try and stop them.

Kylee didn’t say anything but I felt the bed shift and then she carefully placed an arm around my shoulders, sighing heavily. I felt so bad for dumping this all on her, especially when she barely knows my family and know she knows all of our drama. But then again, it’s nice to have an outside opinion for once….

“You and Jon are so much alike…what he said was completely wrong and I don’t think he meant it to hurt you. He’s probably trying to move on too and is just….frusterated, just as frusterated as you are. I’m not saying you have to forgive it but…you’re both struggling with it.” She explained.

I sighed as well and nodded a little bit. Tonight was a bad night for all of this to explode, especially with Team Canada playing tomorrow. I knew I had to put on a face in front of my family and all of the fans but I highly doubted that I would be forgiving Jon anytime soon.
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