Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Go Team

After leaving Jonathan’s apartment, I went back to my own that was only a few blocks away. Tonight, he had invited me to his hockey game. To be honest, I was a little nervous… I’ve never been to a hockey game before. Throwing me even more into the fire, Jonathan informed me that his sister would be with me throughout the night. So, now I get to enjoy a night while watching a game I barely know anything about… with a full blooded Canadian.

I didn’t expect anything like this would happen when we first met though. I had been hired to shoot a spread for Michigan Avenue magazine. Being from Chicago, I obviously had heard the name Jonathan Toews before, but could more than likely not pick his face out in a crowd of people. But then he walked into the room and I regretted never paying attention to Blackhawks’ games before in my life. The man was gorgeous. As the day went on, his charm came out and I was swooning from behind the lens.

But he was just the subject that I had to capture. When everything was over, we shook hands and parted ways. I was confidant that I had seen the last of ‘Captain Serious’. However, a few days before the issue hit shelves, my phone rang, showing a number I hadn’t ever seen before. Figuring it was a business inquiry, I answered like I normally would… and was surprised when the man on the other end happened to be named Jonathan.

He said he wanted to call and congratulate me on the spread… and would like to take me out for dinner. My professional state of mind told me to say no. But my mouth thought for itself and agreed. The next night we were sitting across from each other in a rather intimate setting…

It went well. Obviously, it was the first date, so it had its awkward moments. We still made plans to have another… and another… and more until I lost count of them all and we’re calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

It’s only been a few months since all of that happened, so we’re still easing our way into everything. With tonight being my first game, I think we’re taking that next step into our relationship then… I’m just nervous about his sister.

Jonathan had told me where to meet him before the game. After spending way too much on what I needed to wear, I fell into my car and navigated my way downtown to the United Center. I had been here before… but never while there was ice on the floor. After finding the garage that Jonathan had described to me, I caught sight of his vehicle and parked next to it. When I glanced over inside, I saw him lean forward to look around his sister to me. Everything about this made me laugh.

Quickly, I clicked my seatbelt free and exited the car to go over and greet him. We met behind his SUV were we shared a quick embrace and he planted a soft kiss to my cheek.

“Love the shirt,” he beamed with pride as he read over the script on my sweatshirt. It obviously said Blackhawks. Something had to scramble to find.

“Go team!” teased, making his smile reappear.

“This is my sister, Kathryn,” he changed subjects once she joined us. “Kathryn, this is Kylee… my girlfriend,” I sensed a slight nervousness in his tone as he watched his sister closely.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” I told her with a kind smile… that I hope didn’t come off as fake.

“Finally meet… so you guys talk about me?” she shifted her eyes towards her brother.

“It’s came up in conversation,” he shrugged in reply. “She’s an only child. I have a sister. Just normal conversation,” he rambled on… cutely.

“It’s been all good,” I assured her.

“Lets hope,” she muttered and went on into the building, leaving the two of us alone.

“Tonight… should be interesting,” I cringed playfully… more nervous for my lack of knowledge about… everything than being around his sister.

“You’ll be fine,” he placed his hand on my back to guide me through the door that his sister had previously gone through.

Once inside, we met back up with Kathryn and then Jonathan had to leave to get ready. I watched as he disappear out of sight… and then my nervousness intensified. I had no idea what to expect from anything and had no idea if I was ready for it.
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