Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Rooting for Canada

I took my sweet ass time getting ready for the game that afternoon, finally getting myself presentable and then grabbing a snack at a café and a cup of coffee. I slowly made my way into the arena, where pre-game skate was underway. I saw Kylee at ice level, snapping photos, of course. I made my way to the glass and stood there, watching everyone skate. I looked back towards Team Canada, as I had been watching Team Finland for a bit too long, and saw Sidney skating towards me with a big smile on his face. I couldn’t help but match his smile, waving a little to him and getting a stick tapping on the glass in return. I saw Jon looking over and I looked away, feeling anger when I saw him.

“Hey…how’re you feeling?” I heard Kylee asked, appearing next to me. I sighed a little, my shoulders dropping a bit.

“Okay, I guess….still pissed but…I’m rooting for Canada.” I said, making her smile a little bit and rub my shoulder gently.

“Come on, let’s get up to your parents.” She said, tugging me up the stairs to where they were seated. I quickly apologized to them for my outburst, knowing that they had already forgiven me. The look my mom gave me told me that she was sorry too and gave Jon hell for last night.

The game got underway, with Canada coming out in full force, of course. Hockey is our sport, you can’t expect us to not be amazing at it. Jon scored the first goal of the game, making everyone erupt. I scowled slightly at him celebrating and clapped along, not totally excited. I didn’t go to the last Olympics with him and my parents, I chose to stay home. I was almost regretting coming along now, with all of this drama. Now I have to watch my brother do exactly what I had wanted to do so badly.

Sidney scored the next goal, making me actually cheer and let a smile make its way onto my face. The game was over before we knew it, with Canada getting the win. Kylee gushed about how exciting it was while we all headed down to meet up with Jon. Well, mostly they were, I was looking for another Canadian boy. I spotted Sidney, talking to some reporters and still in his gear. I slowly crept up in his direction, seeing Jon going towards our family. I felt him stare as I passed him but I couldn’t look at him. I waited for Sidney to finish with media and then he turned to me, smiling like crazy.

“Congratulations on your first goal of the Olympics!” I said, making him laugh as he came over and scooped me up, hugging me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck, despite him being sweaty and slightly smelly. I grew up around hockey; it wasn’t anything new to me.

“Do you wanna grab some dinner?” He asked, putting me back on my feet, still smiling like mad. I smiled and nodded back, more than happy to not have to have another dramatic family dinner.

“I would love to.” I said, making him look even more excited and he sucked in a deep breath, looking towards the locker room.

“Give me a few minutes?” He asked, making me nod. He smiled and went into the locker room, leaving me to wait. I leaned on the wall, pulling out my phone and pulling up twitter to talk about the game and post a picture I had taken. I knew Jon was glancing over at me but I wasn’t going over, I refused.

I had tried not to hold a grudge against him all this time because I knew how guilty he felt. Now, I was pissed and when I said I wouldn’t forgive him, you bet your ass I’m holding my word on that. He ruined my career and then has the nerve to tell me to get over it. I was over it and I was sick of it, I started texting a friend of mine in Chicago who was looking for a roommate to come and stay in her dorm with her, as her old roommate had dropped out and they weren't going to put anyone in to stay with her. I needed to get the hell away from Jon.
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Ahh....joys of being the younger sibling and fighting with your older sibling.