Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

It's the End of the World?

Surprisingly when Jonathan woke up in the morning, he was in a much better mode… and his hand wasn’t swollen. He was just being a drama queen about it being broken. He could move all of his fingers fine without any pain. The only visible sign that anything had happened was the two scabs on his first two knuckles.

He was still pulling at my heartstrings though. The bags under his eyes were a little more prominent than they usually are. Sleep hadn’t come well to him last night. I felt bad enough to make him breakfast before he headed to practice. I don’t cook for anyone unless we’re pretty serious… this boy’s lucky.

“You’re not eating?” he asked with a mouthful of eggs.

“No, I got plans once you leave,” I told him… since his sister had asked me to get breakfast with her.

“Going to commit me somewhere for my emotional state?” he taunted with a smile.

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do,” I played along.

“I usually don’t… do that over dumb shit,” he muttered, stabbing at his plate a little forcefully.

“It’s not dumb…” I corrected him. “Guys can cry, Jonathan. It’s ok,” I giggled a bit. “ I don’t think you’ve lost your man card,” I finished, making him roll his eyes.

After this, he finished up though. He got up and put his plate and glass in the sink. His attention came to me then. His hands slid around my waist, pulling me against him. I reached up and planted a quick kiss on his lips that brought his smile through.

“Thank you,” he spoke softly and then pressed a quick kiss to my forehead.

“… For what?” I wrinkled my brow.

“For putting up with my mess,” he exhaled loudly.

“I fell in love with you for you and if that entails you being an emotional wreck, then I guess I’m all on board,” I teased.

I thought he would counter with a slight glare, but instead, his brow was arched rather high… and I was confused.

“What?” I broke and asked him.

“… Love?” that smirk came over him now.

“I’m not allowed to love you?!” I pushed at his chest playfully.

“I was hoping this moment would come with a little more romantic setting, but…” he trailed, chuckling.

“… Have you not heard Drunk in Love? A lot of things can happen in the kitchen…” I taunted.

“Oh, really?” his brow cocked again.

“Mhm,” I hummed as his fingers wandered from the small of my back to my ass, squeezing at it. “Go to practice!” I shot at him, pushing at his chest to get him to let go.

“But you said…” he chuckled.

“We were having a moment and you had to ruin it!” I still giggled.

“Aw but, baby, I love you,” he cooed and came over to wrap me back up.

“Better,” I muttered teasingly. He chuckled and gave me one more kiss before he finally left for practice.

I grabbed my purse and slid a pair of shoes on before I left to meet Kathryn. She had texted me on the way and told me she was already there. After parking near the restaurant, I hurried inside and found her sitting towards the back… with sunglasses on.

“Someone had a little too much fun last night,” I poked as I took the seat across from her.

“I… messed up,” she said, but kind of laughed, so it wasn’t that serious… right? Either way, she pushed her sunglasses off of her face and onto her head.

“What happened?” I asked her.

“I… slept with someone,” she told me bluntly.

“… And it’s the end of the world?” I wasn’t seeing what was so ‘messed up’ worthy.

“It was someone… on the Blackhawks team,” she added.

“Oh,” I kind of saw it now.

“Patrick…” she said next.

“Oh, my god. Kaner?” I put my forehead in my hands.

“I told him to be quiet about it, but…”

“We all know how Kaner is,” I finished for her. I’ve known the guy for a shorter amount of time than Jonathan, but it doesn’t take long to figure him out.

“Yeah, so I’m glad I’m not at practice today,” she said and took a sip of her water.

I shook my head, trying to process all of this. Out of all of the things she could have told me… it had to be that. Jonathan and I had such a good morning too! If Patrick Kane was going to be… Patrick Kane, Jonathan’s going to come home in the worst mood and a whole lot to say about what happened today… and I don’t know if can handle it after last night.
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