Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Kinda Messed With Him

Kylee was incredibly quiet as we watched the pre-game skate. It was pretty uncomfortable to be honest. I excused myself for a moment and braved the Madhouse crowd to get myself and Kylee a beer, a very Canadian peace offering. I came back and slowly sat down, handing one to her. She looked a little bit confused but accepted it, sipping slowly.

“I’m not the best at uh….meeting his girlfriends.” I spoke up, glancing at her from the corner of my eye. “They usually just want his money and that’s not exactly something I’m cool with.”

“Oh! Oh my god! No, that’s not what this is, not at all!” Kylee said quickly, looking horrified for a moment. I nodded a little bit, drinking some of my beer and watching the boys skate.

“Jonny is trained to talk to people and he’s freaking great at it. We used to be mistaken for twins with
how much we’re alike but hockey is changing him.” I said quietly, kicking my feet up on the glass.

“Good change or….bad?” She asked carefully.

“Oh! No, it’s all good! He’s way more confident in himself now. I mean, he’s still my obnoxious older brother but…he’s more himself, I guess you could say.” I said, nodding a little to myself, seeing that it sort of made sense.

“Ah, okay.” She said, nodding as well.

“Sorry, I suck at talking.” I said, laughing a little bit. “I just worry because the last girl….Lindsey, she kinda messed with him.”

“Yeah, I heard that from a lot of people.” She said, sighing a little bit. Jonny skated over and slammed against the glass where my feet were, making me drop them and shoot him a look. He grinned and tapped the glass with his stick and skated off again.

“As long as you have good intentions, you’re cool with me.” I said, looking over at her now and smiling a little. “Don’t tell Jon, though. He’s the one who worries about me, usually not the other way around.”

“Yeah, he worries a little too much sometimes. You went on a trip to Mexico a few months ago, right?” She asked, grinning a little bit.

“Oh god, what did he say?!” I asked, sitting up quickly and looking at her wide eyed.

“He was just worrying too much…I told him his gray was showing and he got mad.” She said,
laughing and shaking her head. I couldn’t help but crack up too, knowing it was so typical of him.

“I think we’re gonna get along just fine, Kylee.” I said, tapping my plastic cup to hers and taking a drink.

"Don't say that just yet...." She said carefully, looking away and looking at the ice.

"Why?" I asked, looking at her slightly confused.

"I um....don't know anything" She said, almost a little scared. My eyes widened and then I started to grin, finishing my beer quickly.

"Well then! Welcome to my classroom!" I said, gesturing to the large rink and then turning to face her in my seat. "Don't worry, you'll have a basic understanding by the end of the night." Tonight was going to be an interesting game.
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