Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Could Have Handled This

After I got off of the phone with Kathyrn, I called an ambulance. I wasn’t a nurse or a doctor. There wasn’t anything I could do. I wasn’t even there anyway! Calling for help was the only thing I could do at this point. She was going to the hospital as it was to begin with

When I got there, the ambulance was at the curb. My heart began to pound as I went up to Jonathan’s apartment. When the elevator door’s parted, the medics were wheeling her out on the stretcher. My breath got caught in my throat as I let them pass and I saw that she was unconscious.

I didn’t bother asking any questions. However, I did get back into the elevator and went down with them all so I could follow the ambulance to the hospital… and wait in the waiting room.

It was late… and I knew that Jonathan had a game in just a few hours, I still felt like I needed to call him. I didn’t have their parents’ numbers either, so Jonathan was the victim. Like I expected, it took him a little longer to answer. And when he did, he sounded so cute and groggy. I wanted to cuddle him… but I had bad new…

“Why are you calling me so late?” he groaned, but there was still a playfulness to him.

“I… need to tell you something,” I began and I instantly wished I would have waited until he was at least finished with his game to call him.

“What?” he seemed instantly awake; like he knew something bad was going on.

“Kathryn called me tonight and said she couldn’t breathe and didn’t feel right, so I called the ambulance and…”

“Is she ok?!” he wouldn’t even let me finish.

“I don’t know. No one’s told me anything, but I’m not leaving,” I assured him.

“I’ll be on the next flight out,” he quickly said as I heard shuffling on the other end.

“Jonathan, no,” I replied.

“I need to be there,” he stated. The sternness in his voice told me that… I wasn’t going to convince him otherwise. I just sighed and let him mumble before he said he was going to find a way to the airport and would see me soon.

Since everything seemed to be slow moving, I attempted to get a little more comfortable in my chair to rest a bit. I don’t remember exactly how long it had been, but I eventually got some sleep. How much? I don’t really know. But the next thing I knew, someone was nudging me. When my eyes opened, they focused on Jonathan. A small smile curled at the corners of his lips as he held out a cup, that I was assuming was coffee.

After sitting up, I took it and sipped slowly. He sat in the seat next to me and exhaled loudly. He looked exhausted. I’ll put money on that fact that he probably hasn’t slept. With us still sitting in silence, I reached over and put my hand in his.

“They said they thought it was anxiety or a panic attack or something. I don’t know. It was all doctor talk,” he spoke gently. “And her being sick didn’t help anything.”

“I could have handled this. You didn’t have to come,” I replied.

He just shook his head, not speaking any words. That told me he didn’t really want to say anything. Later on though, he told me that they wouldn’t let him see her yet. They didn’t give him a reason and he pissed about it.

After he calmed down though, he shared that him and Patrick made up. Patrick apologized and made the comparison with his own sisters. At least that relationship was doing better. But I think with Jonathan missing out on two games to be here for Kathryn, it should show some level of care to her. We just have to get her out of here first…
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Katie yelled at me because I wanted to stare at Ryan Murray instead of write this... lol jk