Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Happy Group of Toews

Once Jonathan left for the game, I got comfortable on his couch… with my Macbook on my lap. The TV was currently on the pregame program as the Blackhawks were taking on Kathryn’s little lover boy’s team tonight. I have yet to tease her about Sidney’s arrival, but there’s still plenty of time for that. Leaving her to get a little more rest before she was released, I opted to camp out at Jonathan’s for the night. I’ve been staying at this place a lot more lately actually… and I don’t hate it.

While the game was going on, I attempted to do some work. That was my intention anyway… However, I couldn’t keep my eyes from glancing up and watching the game from commercial break to commercial break. I obviously wasn’t getting anything done.

By the time the second period was over, I had closed up my computer and resorted to using my phone for things. While my Instagram feed was refreshing, I got a text… from Mr. Jack Johnson. I actually hadn’t heard from him for some time. Seeing his name though, made me smile.

“Chicago’s on the schedule soon,” was what his text read.

It took me a second to realize what he meant. Once it sat in, my eyes kind of went wide. Jack’s team is coming to play the Blackhawks. Holy shit.

“Oh, really?” was my reply.

I don’t know why, but Jack coming to Chicago… kind of made me nervous. But we’re friends, so I don’t know why I have this feeling. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a lot bigger than Jonathan and seems to be a little more aggressive… and they’re going against each other… and I don’t need to be thinking about this right now.

“Want to go for a second round of coffee?” came next. “You can pick where,” appeared a few seconds after.

I got a laugh out of his after thought. With a smile, I typed in my agreeing message. We went on to go into a little more detail as far as the day and the time. I was kind of excited to see him though. I haven’t paid too much attention to any other team besides the Blackhawks since the Olympics… and I should probably do a little homework before my meeting with Jack.

Eventually, our back and forth text messages ended. Half of the third period was over when that happened. The Blackhawks and the Penguins had been tied since the first period 1-1. As the final minutes ticked by, my nerves were coming back again. They were in Chicago’s zone… and Jonathan had just taken a penalty. He was skating at the ref and motioning towards Sidney. Then the two of them started to bicker back and forth, but Jonathan was being escorted to the penalty box.

The power play in regulation didn’t do anything to solve the tie. Overtime though… it was rough to watch. Sidney… got the game winning goal. Jonathan came out of the box with frustration written all over his face.

When he got home though, he greeted me with a smile and accepted my hug. He kept his arms around me when I went to pull away though. I giggled slightly and reached up to give him a quick kiss.

“Do you want me to run you a bubble bath?” I cooed teasingly, making him laugh.

“I think I’m ok,” he replied. “Just want you,” he went on to mumble.

“Aw,” I cooed once more and nuzzle against him. He countered by pressing his lips to the top of my head, holding me tightly for a few moments. “I need to talk to you about something though,” I said.

“Not now,” he groaned.

“But Kathryn said she’d be willing to talk about… everything once she got out of the hospital,” I told him, trying to be gentle with my tone.

“… Really?” he seemed surprised.

“Mhm,” I hummed, trying to contain my smile.

“I hope you’re going to be around for this,” came out of him next.

“She already asked me to be there for you guys,” I answered.

“Good,” he seemed a little relieved.

“You two can be the cute brother and sister again,” I reached out and pinched his cheek. He shook his head to make it go away, but his smile was still there.

Even though the game didn’t go as he wanted it to, I’m glad that most of the time he leaves the hockey happenings at the rink. It makes our nights so much easier together. And hopefully once Kathryn’s out of the hospital, we’ll get their relationship straightened out and everyone can be one happy group of Toews again.
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