Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Little Umbrellas

I’ve been home from the hospital for two days; Jon was away in Winnipeg for two games before he was due home tomorrow. I was also due back in class tomorrow morning, finally. Kylee was with me at the apartment, making sure I was okay and not still sick, despite the fact that I told her I was okay and even the hospital gave me the okay. I think she was just following Jon’s requests to be as annoying as possible.

“So…what time do your classes end tomorrow?” She asked, checking her phone for a moment.

“I have to be in my French lecture at nine and then I just have two clinical, so probably around one.” I said, thinking and then nodding a little bit.

“Would you be okay if I went out for a few hours? I….have something to do.” She said, checking her phone again and texting then looking back at me.

“Yeah, I don’t care.” I said, shrugging a little bit. Jon was due home around two tomorrow morning so I’m sure it was something she needed to do before he got home. They always seem to do sick, romantic type stuff.

“Okay, I’ll be back later. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to text or call me.” She said, going and slipping on her shoes and pausing at the door.

“Word. Go ahead, I’m okay.” I said, waving her off. Once she left, I started making myself something to eat and then decided I should maybe watch a movie. As I was cooking, I got a FaceTime request from a certain Canadian Disney Prince.

“Hey, how’re you feeling?” Sidney said, his face appearing on my phone screen. We had been texting each other almost every day now and he usually called me once a week.

“So much better. It feels so great to be home finally.” I said, smiling at him before checking on my grilled cheese.

“I know, hospitals really suck. Hopefully, you won’t be in one again for a long time.” He said. Sidney has been in his fair share of hospitals, with that awful concussion he had last year.

“Yeah….so….Spring Break is coming up in March. I didn’t make any vacation plans so…maybe a trip to Pittsburgh is in order?” I suggested, making him laugh a little bit.

“You sure you wanna come to Pittsburgh? Don’t you want to go to some tropical destination where you can drink cocktails with the little umbrellas?” He asked, but I knew he was excited that I was finally going to visit.

“Nah, I went to Mexico in September, I’ll just go another time.” I said, smiling at him and starting on my tomato soup.

“Well….alright then. I guess I should plan on you visiting then! I think I have two games that week but that’s it. Plenty of time for us to do stuff around the city.” He said, looking like he was thinking hard about something.

“I think that sounds like a great little trip to me. I’ll go ahead and book a flight then….I’m excited.” I said, smiling a little bit more.

“I’m excited too…I can’t wait to see you.” He said, smiling a little shyly. I’m sure he was blushing just a little bit too. I’m finally getting to visit my Disney Prince…now I just gotta fix my relationship with Jon…and tell him about my little trip.
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