Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

He Did!

“… So what’s a power play?” I questioned as the words power play appeared on the scoreboard and the crowd erupted.

“Oh, it’s a penalty,” she waved her hand like it was nothing. “The team that caused it is a man down for two minutes or however long it is and the other team gets a chance to score,” she rattled off like it was nothing. I probably sound like an idiot to everyone around us…

I nodded my head and watched as a player from the other team was escorted to the… penalty box? I think that’s what I’ve heard Kathryn call it before she pressed her beer to her lips.

“Ooo, it was Crosby,” she spoke once she caught sight of him. From the other side of the ice, this ‘Crosby’ pulled his helmet off and took a towel to ruffle up his hair. “Super hot,” she added.

I nodded my head… not completely agreeing, but to each their own. Her focus seemed to be fixed on him while my eyes tried to focus on all the red jerseys zipping around the white ones. I caught sight of Jonathan being on the ice. I tried to follow him, but he was always chasing after the puck and weaving all around until he made his mark in front of the net… and totally blocking the goaltender from the play. Can he do that? As the play continued, the puck was shot towards the net and Jonathan flipped his stick around, putting the puck passed the goalie.

“Who scored?!” Kathryn asked, looking around since she had obviously been… staring at the ‘Crosby’.

“Jonathan!” I felt the excitement bubble inside of me as all kinds of noise filled the arena.

“He did?!” she glanced around to see all the red jerseys circle around Jonathan to congratulate him. “He did!” she quickly got to her feet and pulled me along with her to clap along with everyone.

“Ooh, Crosby’s pissed,” she added once things kind of settled down.

This Crosby was now coming out of the penalty box, pushing his skates against the ice a little more harshly than the average person would; an obvious look of frustration was on his face as well. And now, I had to agree with Kathryn that he was, in fact, pissed.

There seemed to be a shift in things on the ice though. Everything seemed to be rather… intense. Everyone resorted to pushing on someone and there were more whistles than I would ever imagine at a sporting event.

The Blackhawks got dealt a penalty though. A howl of boos echoed in the arena as the player with Saad written across his back stopped into the other penalty box. And then I was informed that the Blackhawks were on the penalty kill… such harsh language in this sport. Jonathan wasn’t on the ice like he was for the power play. But with only about thirty seconds in, the puck managed to find its way behind the Hawks’ goaltender. A few cheers came from a number of people as the white jerseys celebrated… and Kathryn and I stayed seated.

“Things are going to get good…” she spoke up and I actually half expected her to rub her hands together from the excitement that was in her eyes.

With a glanced up at the scoreboard, the score was 1-1. I know I’m not the biggest sports fan, but I did feel a great deal of thrill come over me as the play picked back up. And for the second time tonight, I did agree with Kathryn that things in this game were indeed going to get good.