Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Time Away From Chicago

After my dinner with Jack, I woke up the next morning and went to get coffee with him. I knew I didn’t have time to swing by and see Jonathan before all of this happened. But practice and sleep were the only things that he was going to do. So, everything’s fine.

When I met up with Jack though, he had a smug grin on his face and a box sitting on the table where he was waiting with two cups. I eyed him oddly, but still took the seat across from him.

“What are you up to?” I asked him first and foremost.

“Oh, nothing…” his bright smile shined through.

“That’s hard to believe,” I couldn’t help but taunt.

“I got you a little something,” his smirk returned as he pushed the box closer to me.

It was a decently sized box. I was kind of nervous to see what was inside to be quite honest. Opening it slowly, a deep blue sweater was staring back at me with a star and red flag in the center. I didn’t have to take it out to know what number was on the back.

“I can’t take this,” shock came over me. He gave me his jersey! Jonathan hasn’t even done this!

“Sure you can,” he was smiling now.

“No, I really can’t.”

“I mean, you don’t have to wear it tonight. Wouldn’t want you to betray your home roots, but… maybe if you’re ever in Columbus for a game…” he trailed off, shrugging.

With the mention of Columbus, a thought had come to mind. It was actually more of a memory than anything. I opened my mouth to begin explaining it to him. As I did so though, I happened to glance around… and see Kathryn standing in line at the register. My brain kind of panicked… and I quickly excused myself to the restroom. I just knew it would have been a bad situation if she saw me sitting with Jack. I couldn’t have that. After a few minutes, I chanced it and went back out. There was no sight of her. I actually found myself letting out a sigh of relief as I sat back down.

“So, Columbus,” I tried to pick back up where I was at before I had spotted the Toews sibling.

“Yes?” Jack seemed intrigued.

“I got an email for a job offer out there a few days ago…” I informed him.

“And you took it?” his blue eyes lit up.

“I… haven’t yet,” I countered, causing his features to fall slightly.

“You should,” of course was his response.

“But it’s like almost two weeks,” I went on.

“That’s wonderful,” his smile returned.

“I don’t want to be away that long!” I couldn’t fight off a bit of laughter. I was amused by how much he was into this.

“It will be great,” were his next words.

After this, he made me check the exact date of when it was. It just so happened to be during the last two weeks of the regular season… and his team was closing theirs out at home. Before I even talked to Jack about it, I wanted to take it. It would expand my portfolio and get in with some new people. But that meant time away from Chicago and Jonathan.

I told him I would think about it some more and let him know. After our coffee, that ran over way too long, we gave each other our goodbyes; or I guess see you laters. He was certain that I would be at the game tonight. I still wasn’t completely sure if going would be a good idea.

Once I was in my car, I quickly tossed the blue jersey into the backseat. No one can find it. With that taken care of, I dug my phone out from my purse. I was surprised to see I had a few messages. One was from Jonathan, asking where I was. That one was from three this morning… I was asleep. Two were from Kathryn. The last one informing me that Jonathan was napping. Without even replying, I went straight to Jonathan’s. I hadn’t seen him since he’s been home and I needed to change that.

While he was gone, he had given me a key to get in and out of his apartment, so I didn’t have to knock. Stepping in quietly, there wasn’t much noise to be heard. It was… pretty silent actually. I walked past the kitchen and living room without seeing anyone. Jonathan’s room was next. Peeking inside, I caught him curled up in his bed, sleeping soundlessly. As a smile crept across my face, I carefully walked over to the bed and eased my way onto it. My arms reached out and wrapped around him as best as I could. He stirred slightly from my touch and his long eyelashes twitched opened.

“There you are,” his groggy tone filled my ears.

“Mhm,” I hummed and reached over to place a soft kiss to the top of his head.

“Missed you,” he mumbled and let his eyes close again.

“Shh, go back to sleep,” I told him and let my fingers run over his short hair.

No protest came from him after I spoke. He seemed to accept and nuzzle against me more; his arms coming around me to pull me closer against him. I smiled and gave his forehead another kiss. I felt… a little guilty that I wasn’t here when he got home. But I’m here with him now though. I just hope I hadn’t missed much.
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