Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Guess I'm Staying

‘JACKETS WIN’ flashed brightly around nearly every space possible around the arena. The team quickly rushed out onto the ice, tackling one of the players to the ground. This particular person just so happened to be Jack. The game had been tied while the seconds were quickly ticking by. Someone had dropped the puck back to the blue line for Jack. He took the shot. Fooling the goaltender, it trickled back into the net. The Jackets had made it into the playoffs with that win… and Jack got the game winner.

I could not contain my excitement for him. Over the past week, I’ve gotten to know him a bit more. He’s such a nice guy. To see him get this success made my heart happy. When I saw him after the game, I couldn’t keep myself from rushing towards him… and jumping into his arms.

“That was amazing!” I told him with our arms tangled tightly around each other.

He chuckled in reply; surprised from my sudden outburst. His smile stayed as he gently placed me back on the ground though. Something came over me then… and I reached in to kiss his cheek. When I pulled away, his cheeks were flushed bright pink… and I instantly regretted doing that! Oh my god! Too touchy!

“So, you had a good time tonight,” he finally spoke.

“I’m kind of sad I’m leaving tomorrow,” came out of me.

“You don’t have to leave…” he countered and led me out of the building to his car. He’s been offering to bring me to the arena from my hotel… Who am I to decline?

“I do.” He kind of convinced me to take this job… and I wasn’t letting him convince me to stay longer. I miss Chicago.

“Do you have any plan over the typical spring break?” he changed subjects and opened the passenger door to his car for me.

“Umm…” I thought for a second and slid inside. He let me think as he walked around and fell into the passenger seat. “I think I’m making plans…” I couldn’t quite remember if Jonathan mentioned Winnipeg for spring or summer...

“Making plans? So they haven’t been made yet…” he caught onto my word choice.

“I don’t know… Why?” I giggled slightly… something I’ve been doing a lot of these past two weeks.

“Was just wondering if you’d… maybe want to… be around for the first round of the playoffs,” he tried to shrug it off, but one of the corners of his lips kind of curled into a smile.

“Jack, I…” I started, thinking now is a good time I should come clean about my relationship status.

“I know it’s a lot to ask,” he cut me off. “But… I haven’t invited anyone to come. You were the only one I could think of,” he added, tugging at my heartstrings once again.

“Why haven’t you invited anyone else?” I wrinkled by brow. “Like your family?” Aren’t hockey families usually like super close?

“I don’t… get along too well with my parents, so…” he trailed off, shrugging once more. A different expression took over his face as well. I hadn’t seen it before. It actually made me reach over and placed my hand on his that was resting on the shifter. Without hesitation, he turned it around so our fingers laced together. To give him more comfort, I gave it a squeeze. Something about this man just makes me want to console him!

“Well, if you really want me to be there… I’ll do my best to do that,” I told him with a smile. It caused his to reappear… and my heart felt so much better.

“So, you’re staying…” a playful smirk came over his face as he glanced over at me.

“I guess I’m staying in Columbus,” I laughed once more.

“Until we have to go to Pittsburgh…” he added.

I agreed through another fit of laughter. I didn’t know what I was going to tell Jonathan. He was obviously expecting me to be back for his first series of the playoffs. But he has friends and family coming in to support him. Jack doesn’t have anyone. Just helping a friend out here.
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