Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Stupid Bimbo's

My phone chimed, telling me that my brother had sent me a new text. He hoped I had a good day and that he was heading to practice before they left for their road trip that night. They were going to play the Ducks. I sent him a quick reply before getting myself dressed for the day. I had arrived in Pittsburgh just two days before and Sidney and I actually sometime to hang out before his game that night. I made my way down to his kitchen, where he was reading a newspaper.

“Oh, how domestic of you!” I teased, making him laugh a little and shake his head at me.

“Not quite, I can’t really clean or cook for myself too great.” He replied, now making me laugh.

“I now can see that…so, what should we do before you little pre-game nap?” I asked, leaning on the counter just across from him.

“Well…my backyard pond is frozen pretty good…if you’re up for a little skating?” He suggested, obviously trying to be careful about the subject.

“Sure! That sounds like fun.” I said, making him smile and nod, telling me he would meet me outside. He had told me to bring my skates on my trip and it was definitely a challenge to get those through security but I managed it. I headed outside and laced up, already on the ice before he was outside.

“You’re a natural.” He teased, joining me on the ice, two sticks in his hand and a few pucks in his other hand. He handed a stick to me and tossed a few pucks down.

“That’s not fair; I’m not going to play you!” I shot at him, making him giggle his trademark high pitch.

“It’s just for fun, I promise.” He said, holding his hands up in defense. I gave him a small look before stealing the puck he had been messing with, skating circles around him.

“Let’s go, Sidney! Try and keep up.” I teased, winking at him. He smiled and came after me, barely giving me a moment to react and skate away from him. We played a game of keep away for the rest of the morning and into the afternoon, playing one last game before he was due to nap.

“You’re actually pretty quick!” He called from behind me, making me laugh and turn to face him, just as he collided with me, wrapping his arms around me as he did. It’s a good thing he did or I would have fallen right on my face.

“Alright, alright, I guess you win.” I said with a little sigh, making him smile widely. He kept his arms around my waist, his smile faltering slightly.

“Um…can I ask you something?” He asked, looking a little nervous. I kept my smartass comment to myself and just nodded. “Would you….want to be my girlfriend?”

The poor guy looked like he was terrified to ask. We hadn’t even kissed before this but we had gone on a few dates and we had been talking to each other almost every day since the Olympics. I must have been taking too long to answer because now he looked like he was going to pass out. I quickly grabbed his shirt collar, pulling him down and kissing him. Ah, I knew those giant lips would be good for more than just talking.

“Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” I said with a little laugh, making him smile. “Come on, Superstar, you have a nap.” He followed me off the ice and we left our skates by the door before heading upstairs and wrapping up in his bed for a little nap. After his nap, I left him to get ready for the game while I grabbed myself something to eat.

Once we actually got to Consol, Sidney was all ready and in the zone. We got out of the car and he took my hand in his, lacing our fingers together and smiling at me as we headed inside and down the hall towards the locker room. He smiled, turning and stopping to look at me. He didn’t say anything, just leaned down and kissed me sweetly.

“Sidney Crosby!” We heard a voice echo down the hall. Sidney pulled away and looked over to the source, smiling.

“Hey Jack, how’ve you been?” He replied, walking over to a guy who I was assuming was a Blue Jackets player. He actually looked kind of familiar and then I remembered the guy from Team USA that Kylee had taken pictures of. Sidney had dragged me over when I was spacing out then I noticed a woman at Jack’s side and my eye’s widened so much that I thought they would fall out.

“Kylee!?” I asked, stunned at her being here. What was she doing in Pittsburgh? She told Jon she was doing another assignment! She’s got a real fucked up definition of work when Jack Johnson is holding her against him like that! Sidney looked from me to Kylee and then at Jack, looking confused.

“Hey….aren’t you Jon’s girlfriend?” He asked Kylee, then looking over at me. I was so angry, I wanted to punch her and rip her hair out. She promised she wasn’t like that, that she cared about Jon and we both let her into our lives. Now here she was, just like all the other stupid bimbo’s that came around.
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