Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

See You in Sochi

“Ah fuck…” I said, shaking my head as Crosby scored a goal, bringing the score to 2-1. With just a minute left in the third, there was little chance for the Hawks to get this one.

“They can’t win in a minute….that’s…that’s impossible.” Kylee said, obviously showing how little she knows. Anything can happen in one minute. We both sat and watched intensely as the Hawks fought tooth and nail to get another goal. Then, with just ten seconds left, Kane scored. The whole Madhouse erupted, a few fans banging on the glass.

“What happens now?” Kylee asked, looking over at me after she looked at the tied score.

“Overtime…if someone scores, the game ends. If no one scores, we go into a shootout.” I explained, watching them clear the ice before the start of overtime. I excused myself to get another beer, my third of the night. I didn’t have school or work the next day so it didn’t matter.

Overtime started and both Jon and Patrick were on the ice together. Those twos had a habit of pulling goals out of their asses somehow. Then as expected, Patrick sent a beautiful tape to tape pass to Jon, who then nailed it top shelf, right into the back of the net. The Madhouse erupted again as the team all piled onto the ice, congratulating each other. I smiled as the boys headed back to the locker room and I looked over at Kylee.

“Come on…” I said, motioning for her to follow me. I took her through a guarded doorway, where security let us right through. Then I took her to the family waiting room.

“So we just wait here?” She asked, noticing a few other women in the room, along with a few young children.

“Yep, while the guys do media and all that junk, we get to watch TV or eat.” I said, motioning to the array of snacks on a table. “I’ll be right back, I’m gonna make a quick phone call.” I stepped into the hallway, looking for a quiet corner. I was going to check on the dinner reservation for tonight that Jon had asked me to make.

As I turned down one way, I walked straight into something solid. I definitely thought I had walked into a wall and it wouldn’t have surprised me, as I had been staring at my phone but then there were hands on my arms. I looked up from my phone to see the massive man that is Sidney Crosby, Canada’s national treasure. He was stripped down to just his spandex, a pair of warm up shorts on over his lower half, thank god.

“Oh, um, I’m sorry…I should watch where I’m going.” I said, sending him a quick smile.

“Don’t worry about it, no harm done.” He said, nodding a little bit. We both awkwardly stood there, looking at each other. He was still holding me in place but my legs didn’t seem to want to move anyway.

“Good game….hard fought.” I said, trying to think of something to say to him.

“Yeah…Thanks…” He said quietly. I cleared my throat and awkwardly shifted my weight.

“Congrats on the Olympic team…maybe I’ll see you there. My brother is on the team too…” I said, now finally getting free of his grip.

“Toews? He’s a good guy, great player…I forgot he uh…had a sister.” He said, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Yeah…I just moved in with him to finish school…” I said, smiling a little bit to try and make it seem less weird.

“Kathryn? What are you doing?” I heard Jon’s voice echo against the walls. Sidney seemed to grow taller in that instant and look over at Jon.

“See you in Sochi, Jon.” Sidney said, patting his shoulder as he hurried away. Jon came over to me with a stern look on his face.

“Um….dinner reservation…” I said, pointing to my phone like an idiot. “It’s all set…we should leave now if we wanna be on time.” I hurried back towards the family room, practically holding my breath. Holy mother of god…
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