Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

Team Canada

Jon left for Sochi a few days ago with our parents, leaving me behind. I volunteered to stay and wait with Kylee for her passport. Jon paid the extra fee for it to be expedited service, meaning it would only take two weeks to arrive. But being that she procrastinated and waited, we weren’t able to leave on time, meaning we missed opening ceremonies. Thankfully, hockey hadn’t begun yet. Today was our last chance for her passport to come in. I had two plane tickets to Sochi for that night and I would have a very pissed brother if we missed the flight and made him get charged for it.

“It’s here! It’s here!” I heard someone shouting into the apartment as the door slammed shut. I looked up from the TV and saw Kylee in the entranceway, mail in one hand and suitcases in the other.

“Finally!” I cheered, jumping off the couch and going into my bedroom, getting dressed and grabbing my bags. “Perfect timing too, our flight leaves at 6 and I know it’s going to take extra security.” I said, seeing it was 2:30.

After taking us nearly two hours to get through security, including being questioned as to our business in Sochi, we were finally able to make it to our gate just in time to board. We had around 20 hours of flying ahead of us, definitely not something I was excited about but we had one stop with a two hour layover in Berlin. I fell asleep for the first leg of our flight, waking up about two hours before we were due to land in Germany.

“God, this sucks….” I mumbled to Kylee, pulling my knees up to my chest and resting my chin on them. “Jon can sleep for hours on end with no problem, he’s used to it. We’re not.”

“Yeah…I’m sure he also had his teammates to talk to and hang out with too.” She said, looking at the time and shaking her head.

“At least it isn’t too much longer to Berlin. Then we have to wait two hours and then we’re back in the air.” I said with a slight shrug. She nodded and leaned back in her seat a little bit, sighing.

Nothing eventful happened for us on our final leg of the flight. We finally made it to Sochi, Russian almost 23 hours later. We had a special escort from the airport to the Olympic Village, where we checked in and were given special ID’s. The security made me a little bit anxious, but also a little bit safer. They weren’t kidding around with all these athletes from other countries here, especially with the families too. We were brought to the Team Canada part of the Village, where I texted my parents to meet us. They told me that Jon was his first practice with the team and would be meeting us later.

After meeting with my parents and Kylee meeting them, we were brought up to our hotel room. I was thankful that everything seemed to be in working order considering all of the things I was hearing about the hotels not being finished and being dangerous. I dropped my bags on the bed and sighed, hands on my hips.

“Well….we’re here….” I said, looking over at Kylee, who was sitting on her bed. She smiled a little bit at me and nodded, running a hand through her hair. “I kind of want to explore the Team Canada village…but we’re meeting Jon in an hour.”

“You go ahead, why don’t you just meet us at the restaurant?” She suggested, making my eyes go wide and laugh a little bit.

“Jon would lose his shit if I ran off by myself, my parents too!” I said, making her laugh too.

“I forgot, oops….ah well, just sneak off sometime. Just stay in the village, I’m sure you’ll be okay.” She said, smiling at me and then going to the bathroom to clean up before dinner. I decided to boot up my laptop and check on my schoolwork that I had to keep up with, even when I was at the Olympics. School comes first, not everyone can be a superstar athlete.
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