Sequel: Take My Love

We Don't Have Forever

You're Lucky

I was surprised at how welcoming and warming the Toews parents were to me when we first met. With the track record that Kathryn has given me on Jonathan’s dating history, I wasn’t expecting to be too approving. But it’s only the first day of being here, so lets see how the next few weeks play out…

When I came out of the bathroom, Katie was sprawled out on her bed, typing away at her computer. She seemed occupied, so I left her alone to rustle through my luggage. I wanted to make sure the camera and lens that I brought survived the journey. It was wrapped in so many shirts and padded to no end… and it looked perfectly fine. I could of squealed from how delighted I was.

“Please don’t kiss it,” Kathryn spoke up, apparently taking notice of my excitement.

“But my baby,” I teased and cradled it against my chest.

“Oh, Lord, save me,” she taunted.

I just smiled brightly and fell onto my bed to push in a memory card. Since I knew she was watching, I flipped it on and snapped a picture of her, making sure the flash went off so she knew.

“You’re supposed to be taking picture of Jon; not me!” she shot at me and pushed her hat lower to cover most of her face.

“Aw, but pretty Kathryn,” I cooed.

She took the time to pull her hat off so that I could see the glare that she was wearing. I smiled innocently and turned the camera back off. I put it away after this. It was going to stay here for dinner obviously.

“So, are you dating anyone?” I asked just to have some conversation going between Kathryn and I.

“No,” she said… a little too quickly; or so I thought at least.

“Is that the ‘brother’s girlfriend’ answer, or…” I trailed.

“Nope,” was all she said, telling me that this was as far as this conversation was going to go. There was a knock on the door though, preventing it from going any further anyway.

I got up and opened the door to reveal Jonathan’s bulky frame. A smile quickly spread over my lips as he opened his arms for me to walk into an embrace. Before we parted, he pressed his lips against mine for a quick peck before he stepped inside.

“Got a little nervous that you guys wouldn’t make it…” he spoke, capturing Kathryn’s attention.

“It would have been Kylee’s fault…” his sister reminded him.

“But everything’s fine!” I butted in.

“You’re lucky,” he narrowed his gaze towards me. I smiled brightly and reached up to give his cheek a kiss. The corners of lips curled before he spoke again. “Mom and dad are meeting us at the restaurant,” he directed his attention to his sister.

“Well, then lets go,” Kathryn replied, closing her laptop and getting to her feet.

In a matter of seconds, she had her boots and jacket on, leading the way out of the room. Jonathan held his arm out for me to link my own with as we walked. I gave him a little nudge as we walked to show that I thought this was cute.

“How’d practice go?” I asked to strike up conversation.

“It was alright,” he shrugged.

“He never talks about practice,” Kathryn informed me.

“It’s just… usually boring,” I felt him shrug.

“Mhm,” she hummed, showing her annoyance towards her brother.

“Well, you guys can come to practice tomorrow if you want,” was what came out of his mouth next.

“Kylee can’t. She’ll spy for the Americans,” Kathryn poked.

“Oh, yes. ‘Do you know what they’re doing, boss? They’re hitting that black, round thing… towards the net!’” I played along, causing the two siblings to laugh for my still lack of intelligence towards the name.

“I think they’ll let you in,” Jonathan assured me, pulling closer into his side.

It didn’t hit me until now that I have to betray my home country to support my boyfriend. I guess it’s only for one games, but… I never thought being a hockey player’s girlfriend would be so stressful!
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