Sequel: Demon Eyes
Status: Active, Please be Kind <3

Indigo Soul

You see us as different, the extra puzzle piece with no real use. In truth. We are so much more. We are guardians, protectors. And defenders. And I am at the center of this great battle for souls. For the power of life. I may not fit in, I may not belong in this world. But I will defend it with everything I’ve got. My name is Karissa Kane, and I am the indigo soul.

Theme song

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Authors note: This is my new idea for a story. I do not own the character model images however. I do own everything else. Any likeness to anything you’ve read or seen before is strictly coincidence. As always I apologize here and now for any mistakes made Grammar or otherwise. Please do not comment on them. This includes constructive criticism. While I am grateful to anyone who wants to help me improve my writing, please wait until I ask for the help.