Chapter 9

I looked at my father fearfully, his eyes filled with a rage that would make hell tremble. He walked close and closer towards myself, until he had me against a wall. His face was up in mine, and I hated every millisecond of it.
"Why the hell were you late? Were you off having sex with that bastard?!" My father shouted angrily. I looked away from his eyes every time he tried to make me look at him. He finally grabbed a hold of my face and made me look at him, I saw nothing but hatred in those ugly eyes.
"Answer me, dammit!" He spat in my face, shoving me harder against the wall.
"W-w-w-we d-d-di-d-d n-o-ot-" I was cut off with a slap to the face.
He forced me to the ground, my heart began beating faster and faster from fear. I looked up at him with pure fear, his facial features was angry and bitter.
"I don't beilive you. You go around, some guy, maybe a chick? I don't like it. I think you need a lesson. A lesson on how to, and who should you." He said. A new fear ran through me. I knew what he was about to do, and I didn't like it.
He was going to me, again.
I moved away from him, stopping when he yelled at me to stop. I was afraid, he was going to do that to me, again. I hated it. I hated him. He forced himself onto me the moment I stopped struggling. It was going to happen, and there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn't explain how I felt about it, that's how much mental pain I was feeling because of him.
Once he was done and had his pants buckled up, he began to kick me and it quickly turned into a beating. I was met with various kicks and punches to my already fragile body. The most common place he hit was my ribs, which were hurting like hell with each blow he was still giving me. My right leg hurt like hell, and my left arm was hurting just as bad.
Suddenly he stopped.
"Go to your room. I don't want to see you at all tonight." He growled, pushing me in the direction of my room.
I didn't hesitate with my movements towards my room. I walked sluggishly until I had reached my room. The moment my feet touch the floor of my room I broke down. Tears streamed down my face. Why? I have no clue.
Maybe it was because of my father's harsh ways? Or it was the lack of father-son bonding that lead to a healthy family, or at least as healthy as the family could possibly get with a single, and divorced, parent. It could be that, but I wouldn't know. My mind was quick to think as I looked around my room.
I moved quickly as I could to the bathroom that connected to my room. I focused on tending to whatever physical wounds I had first. When I looked in the mirror I saw that my left cheek, along with my right eye had began to swell, the skin on my cheek had a red mark where had slapped me. The coloration of the marking, along with my eye, had began to mix into a color that was like a bruise, a light blue and purple had already began to take over the red markings.
I groan, feeling a faint feeling taking over my body. I grabbed a hold of the top of the sink for support with my non-sore arm. I took steady breaths, trying my best to keep it together. I didn't need to pass out, not right now. My father could come back for something more. I don't know what else he could take away from me.
I was in the middle of tending to the bruise on my cheek when I heard a sound. The sound of the sirens filled the silence that had fallen over the house. I paused, leaning away from the mirror and listening to the sirens. They screamed louder and louder, passing the houses down my street probably. All of a sudden they stopped in front of my father's house.
My heart dropped into my stomach.
My heart was beating quickly as well. I knew he would think that I had called them, but I did not. He would beat my ass if I did that to him, which is why I never did call the police whenever he got violent. Even though I wanted to, I couldn't. I was scared that he would have someone come after me if he ended up in jail. If not, then I would be afraid what would happen the night prior to his release. I've never had to worry about that though. Instead I let myself live in fear of this man-this monster. I've kept silent so I didn't have to worry about that.
My mind was quick to think, I walked over to the bathroom door and quickly locked it. I could barely hear his footsteps approach the bathroom door. My breath hitched from fear. He banged on the door, yelling profanities.
"Open this damn door!" he yelled, his voice was so angry. I've never heard his voice that angry. It was like he was ready to murder a whole army.
"Kellin-fuc.king-Bostwick, open this damn door right-fuc.king-now!" He hit the door angrily. It was like Satan was banging on God's door. But I was not God. My father was most certainly Satan though.
I could hear the knocking and yelling of police officers, which made my dad go quiet. His footsteps went away from the bathroom door, I had no clue what he was doing. Moments later I heard the breaking down of a door and then multiple footsteps, police officers entering the home.
I let out a breath of air, my knees getting weak. I fell down to my knees, crying out silently as the pain in my arm and leg get stronger. The pain running up and down my spine was like I was being ripped apart as well. To say it hurt, was an understatement.
I moved so I was leaning against the cabinet that connected to the sink. I tense as I feel a pain similar to when he first had ra.ped me. I make a low sound of pain. I could hear people searching throughout the house, multiple voices yelling to find the father and the son.
I heard someone try to open the door. My vision went blurry for a moment. I blinked it off the first time. As the door to the bathroom was being kicked in, my vision became blurred. I looked up weakly at the person who had opened the door.
"Sir? Can you stay with me? Are you awake, Sir?" The voice said, the person getting down on their knees in front of me. I heard him yelling that he had found the son, the others probably continued to search for my father if they hadn't already found him. The last thing I heard was him desperately calling out for me to stay awake before I finally gave in to the darkness that wanted to take over my entire body.