Chapter 1

-1 week later-

I had moved from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California because of the bruises on my body. I was foolish enough to expose one of the bruises while in my previous gym class. When my dad got the call from the school he was pissed, but he didn't do anything at school. No, he waited until I got home that evening.

He had beat me and eventually ra.ped me that night. I shivered at the thought of his rough hands on my fragile body. I hated his guts, but I couldn't do a thing about it. I couldn't speak out against him. I had no where else to go. I didn't want to become an orphan or be known as that kid that got pity because of what their father did to them. I had no other family members and my mother had died a few years ago.

I was stuck with my father for the rest of my teenage years. That was if I even made it out of my teenage years.

My father's deep, yet rough, voice brought me back to reality. He was at my bedroom door, speaking harshly at me. I didn't pay attention to what he said. Instead of listening to him, I got up out of bed and gathered my clothes. He had left by the time I headed for the bathroom to change.

I changed in the bathroom for reasons. The first one was because of the privacy. It was the only door of mine with a lock on it. He had taken the lock out of my bedroom door within the first few days of being in this house. Now it was just some door knob that couldn't lock. Second, I had to shower every morning and thirdly, my only 'friends' were in here. By friends, I meant my pills and blades.

I used the blades nearly every night, the pills were for my more...dark moments in life. I hadn't used the pills for a while, I guess I was improving in some way. Or maybe it was because my father had been not as...well himself since we moved here. He was abusive, but he was more lenient.

He is always like this when we move though. He'll go back to his abusive ways within a few days, I'll be surprised if he lays off for another week. I was used to his abusive ways. I somehow convinced myself I deserved it a while ago. I still think the same.

I quickly showered and got dressed. Today I wore an Asking Alexandria hoodie, along with black skinny jeans that were meant for girls. They were the only kind of jeans that would fit my hips and ass well. Guy jeans just didn't work out well for me. I pulled on my TOMS before grabbing my backpack and placing it over my back. I didn't have much in it, only the essentials; paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, etc.

Ever so slowly I began to walk out of my house and towards my school. My dad was too lazy and too much of an alcoholic to even take me to school. Ten minutes later I had arrived at Albany High.

It was larger than my last school, so I guess it would be okay. I walked into the front doors, making my way to the office to get my class schedule and to find out where my locker was located. I bit my lip, glancing around like the lost boy I was.

I was stopped by a ginger that had these black nerdy glasses. He also had on a black shirt with a sleeveless black and white button up shirt on top. He also wore black skinny jeans just like me along with classic black converse.

"New kid?" he asked, getting straight to the point.

I nodded

"Name's Matty Mullins." he beamed, holding his hand out for me to shake. I hesitantly took his hand and shook it then retracted my hand when done.

I wondered if he knew sign language, he probably didn't. I didn't speak often, and when I did it came out as a stuttering mess. I opened my mouth to say something, but quickly closed it. I then thought to hell with it and told him my name.

"K-K-Kel-Kellin Q-Q-Quinn." I stuttered out horribly. I messed with the sleeves of my jacket nervously. The guy kept a soft smile on his face though.

"Need help? I can help you get to your classes?" he suggested

"I-I-I h-h-a-a-ve to g-go to th-e o-office." I said, furrowing my eyebrows to try to pronounce certain words right.

"Alright, I'll show you to it." he then started walking down the hall. I quickly followed him, not wanting to get lost in the sea of sharks and dolphins.

When I arrived to the office Matty helped me get my schedule and also lead me to where my locker was. I put in my combination twice before getting it right on the second try. I smiled a little, but let it fade when I realized Matty was still here. He didn't seem to notice though, he was making small talk with a guy while waiting on me.

My first class was Math, which I had with Matty. I was sorta thankful that he was in at least one of my classes. I placed some of my things in my locker before gathering what I needed for the first few classes.

I didn't say much as we walked down the hallways. Matty was telling me what I needed to know about the teacher we had. Apparently she was a bi.tch to everyone and gave the class homework at least 3 out of the 5 days of school per week. When we arrived to the class Matty let me sit in a seat next to his in the back.

The teacher looked at me. "And you are..." she asked, eyebrows slightly raised.

"K-K-Kellin Q-Qui-nn" I suttered, the few students in the classroom laughed at me.

The teacher, who was named Ms. Jackson, shushed them.

"Alright, have a seat." she said sweetly to me.

For the whole class period I tried my best to pay attention and take the occasional notes. When I left the classroom I had about two pages worth of homework stuffed in my new math book. No one said anything to me when I left either, expect for Matty. He followed me and told me the directions for the few classes I didn't have with him.

Then I was off to my next class and prayed that today would go by alright.

While I was on my way to my next class I accidently ran into a guy. He had beautifully tanned skin, slightly curled hair, and looked to be slightly shorter than me. He looked intimidating though. He had this tough guy look on him. He looked away from his friends to me in slight surprise. There was only 3 of them, not counting Mr. Tough Guy.

"Watch were you're going, Shrimp." he snapped at me. Talk about rude.

"s-s-s-sor-rry." I stuttered out quickly. I didn't want to get on this guy's bad side.

The guy cracked a smile at my stutter, a few of his friends chuckled at me. I tried to go around them but they stopped me. I looked at them fearfully.

"You must be new here." The guy I ran into spoke, his other buddies stayed quiet. "I haven't seen you around here. What's your name." he asked,more like demanded. He was clearly taunting me.

I kept my mouth shut, looking at him then to his friends.

"Not going to talk, huh?" he said in another taunting manner. I looked back at him, backing away a little bit. I was stopped by someone behind me though.

"what's you're name?" he asked again.

I opened my mouth to speak, but there was a voice that stopped me.

"Leave the guy alone, Vic." I glanced at the voice to see it was a guy who looked similar to, well, Vic. He was in my math class as well, so I knew his name was Mike. Mike Fuentes.

"Don't tell me what to do, Mike." Vic said angrily at Mike.

Mike just rolled his eyes at, whom I guessed was his brother. They just gave off this brotherly vibe. Vic returned the gesture before leaving with his friends following him. I let out a little breath of relief and looked at Mike.

"T-th-thank Y-Y-yo-u" I said in quiet voice.

"No problem." he said before leaving me there to go to his own class.

When he was a bit away I began heading to my next class quickly and I prayed that I wouldn't run into Vic and his friends anytime again.
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I decided that I'm not going to put warnings at the top of this fanfic. Instead I'm just going to slap one big trigger warning over the whole thing.

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