Chapter 2

I walked at a steady pace towards the lunch room. With every step I got closer and closer. I was starting to wonder if going to lunch was such a good idea. Vic and his friends could be there, but I could just walk out and not eat anything. It was an easy fix, but there was a chance they could follow.

I bit the corner my lip and decided to skip lunch all together. I probably would've gotten away from it if I didn't run into Matty. I looked at him fearfully at first, afraid that he was Vic, but I lost the fearful look when I realized it was just Matty.

"Kellin? Aren't you going to lunch?" he questioned the second the fear left my silver eyes.

"W-W-Well I-I wa-s, bu-t I-" He cut me off before I could finish my sentence.

"Did you run into Vic Fuentes and his group?" he asked like it was the normal. So his last name was Fuentes? I gave a little nod and he went on. "He's always scaring the new kids, and well...the whole school in general." His nose scrunched up in disgust.

"T-Th-e W-w-w-whole s-school?" I questioned, tilting my head slightly and furrowing my eyebrows in thought. Did he really have that much control over the student body?

"Yeah, Don't worry about him though. As long as you stick with me you should be fine." He reassured me and patted my shoulder gently. I flinched away from his touch, thinking about that night with my father.

My father was a sick man.

I glanced at my feet, Matty raised an eyebrow at me. He stopped touching me, not saying a word about what happened. He might bring it up later, I hoped he didn't. He lead me into the lunch room a few moments later.

"C'mon lets go get something to eat." He flashed a calm smile. 'I wish I could smile like that' I thought to myself. I wish I could smile such a carefree smile, but I couldn't. I had too many worries over my head.

I tried to flash an convincing smile, even though it didn't meet my eyes. It never did anymore. I was used to it. Matty didn't catch the look in my eye, he just led me to his table. He had brought his lunch, and I wasn't hungry. Well, I was but I'd just empty it back out later in the form of vomit.

Matty didn't take notice in how I wasn't eating yet. He motioned for me to sit next to him. We were sitting at a table that had three other guys at it. Two of them looked like one of Vic's friends from earlier. Knowing my luck Matty would be friends with Vic and his goons.

"Hey, Matty. Why you got that shrimp with you? Is he your new toy?" One of the guys with pointy hair asked, he pointed a plastic fork at me.

I glared at him, and looked at Matty, hoping he didn't want me just for sex. A few guys have done it too me before.

"Thought I'd make a new friend. He's seems nice, and no he isn't my new toy. We're just friends." Matty cleared it up, using a stern voice when explaining himself.

I looked back at the guy who asked the question, he had this scowl on his face. He kept eating his food before muttering something about Vic. I messed with my sleeves underneath the table, looking down at the empty space of table in front of me. I let my thoughts take over.

What would await me when I got home? Would I have to deal with him again? Would he ask for sex again? Will he force himself onto me? All these question ran through my mind as I thought about it. I bit the corner of my lip a little roughly as I though, not caring if I drew blood.

I snapped away from my thoughts when I heard a plate slam on the table. I looked at the person who had done it. It was Vic Fuentes. I stopped biting my lip and looked up at him, quickly adverting my eyes when I saw him looking at me. I let my ebony hair fall into my eyes.

"Why is he here, Mullins?" Vic asked, not caring if he attracted the attention of surrounding tables.

"Relax, Fuentes. He's a friend, leave him be." Matty gave Vic a stone look, Vic shooting daggers at Matty. I didn't notice this though, since I wasn't looking at the two.

"Tell me in advance next time you invite one of your friends over here." He said bitterly, sitting down in his seat. His seat was unfortunately in front of mine. I kept my gaze down, not wanting to meet those rich brown eyes of his.

I froze when I herd Vic's voice speaking to me.

"Look up at me." he commanded, not giving me a choice.

I slowly let my gaze fall on him, my hair covered my eyes slightly. He reached a hand out and brushed the hair out of eyes.

"Tell me about yourself." He said, placing a fork full of salad into his mouth.

Matty gave Vic an warning look, Vic ignoring him. I decided to tell Vic the truth, which wasn't much.

"T-t-t-h-ere's no-thin-ng m-m-much to t-tell." I muttered, stuttering horribly, as always.

Vic cracked a smile at me, probably wanting to laugh at my stuttering.

"G-g-go a-ahh-ead. I k-know yo-ou w-want to m-m-make f-un of my s-s-stutter." I said bitterly, though he probably didn't take me seriously with the stutter. I was slightly surprised to see a serious look on his face now. I couldn't handle his eyes boring into mine, so I looked back down.

I felt a hand touch my thigh, which was something that was way out of my comfort zone. I slapped the hand away, even though it was Matty. I got up and walked out of the room, going straight to the bathroom before I had a panic attack in that lunchroom. I hadn't even made out of the lunch room when I felt m breathing starting to shorten and my heart began beating faster.

Images of my father touching and groping me flashed through my mind. I let my hands run through my hair, my pace to the bathroom was quicker now. Once I arrived in the bathroom I slide down against the wall were no one would easily find me if they just walked in and glanced around.

The tears fell from my eyes quickly. My breathing started to get shorter as I began hyperventilating. My surroundings began to feel so unreal, and my hands shook as I gripped my hair roughly.

I tried to control my breathing before my panic attack could get worse. If didn't I might just pass out at anytime. I tried to ignore anything around me and focus on one thing, and one thing only. My breathing. I tried to think of the breathing exercises I had remembered, in then out. I had to calm my breathing and not think of what happened that night.

It was harder said than done, but I finally did after nearly twenty minutes. I slowly let my hands let go of my hair and rubbed over my face before sighing. I glanced around at my surroundings, seeing a familiar figure sitting on the sink glancing at me every so often.

Vic Fuentes.