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Remember Me

She has lost everything; all in a fire that took away even her memory. Hit in the head in the mass of tumbling walls, Wendy is struggling each day in the hospital to get her memories back and remember who she is. As she recovers from the amputation of her lower right leg after severe burns led to infection, Wendy can't bring herself to believe that things will be alright.

All that Wendy has left is a mysterious man who appears in all of her dreams; the vivid images from the dreams and nightmares keep Wendy going.

And then she meets him.


**Written for the Sexy Men and a Prompt contest!

Word Count: 7,172

Prompt: "You find out that a recurring character in your dreams is a comatose patient in the hospital you're in." I was given Kelly Severide for this prompt.

Thank you so much for reading! I don't own any of the characters from Chicago Fire.