‹ Prequel: The Everetts.
Sequel: St Jude.
Status: hiatus

Ghost Town.

3am and we're driving in the old pickup, me squished between them on the bench seat with Logan's fingers intertwined with mine and Davey leaning into my side. None of us speaking, the only sound coming from the radio and only the headlights and the stars lighting our way.

It's those moments I lived for, those moments where I truly felt free, invincible even.
Those moments where I can forget, if only for a moment, all that we had lost.
Because if anyone knew how terrifying and cruel the world was, it was us.

This is a sort of sequel/side story to The Everetts. It takes place ten years after the events that happen in said story.
This can be read as a stand alone

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  1. Andromeda.
    the chained princess.
  2. Cassiopea.
    the vain queen.