The Home


Abby was in her office finishing up a cup of tea and an important call, when she heard a strange sound outside the hall. The noise sounded frighteningly like snarling and then the snapping of twigs.

"Oh, I have to go, Tahmoh. Something's going on outside. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Goodnight." She ended the call, hesitantly put down her mug and walked to the door, slowly and quietly turning the knob. Poking her head out, she saw the hall was empty but felt a cool breeze gust past her face. Was the door open?

"Hello?" she called softly. "Is everything alright out there?"

With no response, she left her office, shutting and locking the door behind her. Briskly she walked down the hall, out towards the kitchen. She noticed it immediately, the front door spread wide open and letting the cold in. She couldn't be sure but for a second, she thought she spotted a brush of fur disappear into the night.

One hand on the doorjamb, she leaned forward, out into the front yard. "Rollin?" As far as she knew, he was the only thing in this house that turned furry and from the look of his files, it was never good when he did.

With a deep breath, Abby stepped back inside, shutting the sturdy door and bolting it. If Rollin was in wolf form, he might be a danger to the residents and while she sympathized, her first responsibility was to keep everyone safe.

Besides, she rationalized, once he comes to, he'll certainly be able to ring the bell. Until then, wasn't the great outdoors the best place for a wolf?
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