The Home


Tahmoh looked up at the large building, his suitcases weighing heavily in his hands. He was tired and hungry, but most of all he was wary. His tribe's elders had always told him to be wary around 'these sort of things', they called them. Man's greatest enemy was not man, but all the things resting inside the Home.

Most of the elders had advised against him coming here. These things were unpredictable, violent, deadly. If Tahmoh wanted to live to become an elder, he needed to stay as far away from them as humanly possible. But Tahmoh knew he could not leave Abby here by herself. She needed his help as much as he needed hers.

Besides, when it really came down to it, these were not things. In fact, some of them were rather docile creatures who posed no harm to humans. Even if they were not, they were still people. They still had emotions and arguably souls. No matter what his elders said, they still deserved help.

He stepped inside the Home, knowing it was likely not very many of its residents were up and about. He would scope it out, adjust to his new home, and try to figure out what he could about his visions without giving away to Abby his true intentions.
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