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Tahmoh stepped out of his office, watching the two walk up the stairs before stepping up to Abby quietly. Slight satisfaction tinged his features when she jumped at his sudden words. "I have already put my things away." She turned to him, slightly surprised. "Apologies. I know I said I'd be here later, but things happened and I decided it would be best to leave earlier."

Abby watched Alexander and Rollin walk away, heads bent towards each other. When had those two become so chummy?

Looking to Tahmoh, she gave him a tired smile. "Your timing is perfect, actually. I was just going to call you."

Gesturing towards the kitchen, she signaled Tahmoh to follow. "We're having a bit of a busy morning today. The were, Rollin - the one in the, uh, loincloth - shifted last night for the first time since checking in. There's a distraught vampire/witch upstairs. And as I said before, I haven't seen Rocio since yesterday morning. I could really use your help."

Abby grabbed a plate and piled a few baked goods on it before reaching into the cooler for a couple of packs of blood. "Could you heat these up?" she asked, handing the packs over to him. "I can take you up to Rogue's room now, if you're ready to jump in."

Tahmoh nodded at everything Abby said and did as she asked, following her upstairs to the vampire's room. Apprehension filled him the closer they got; this would be his first actual experience with a supernatural being. A young girl stood in the room, another curled up on the bed. Tahmoh could see clearly the tracks of blood flowing from her eyes to her clothes and bed. He gently sat on the bed and held out a bag of blood.

Watching Tahmoh approach Rogue with confidence, Abby quietly left them to it, sending a quick nod goodbye today towards Marina. "I'll be in my office of you need me."

"Rogue, my name is Tahmoh. I'm here to help you. Please, drink."

Rogue grabbed it from his hands once she realized it was blood. As she drank, she closed her eyes. Her fingers were gripping the bag tightly enough to dig holes into it with her nails. She was hungry, though she shouldn't be. Her thoughts of the being that was coming were all over the place and she wasn't ready to connect the pieces.

Marina and Tahmoh watched as the vampiress hungrily ate her fill. They exchanged eye contact and Tamhoh motioned for the mind-reader to leave them alone but she didn't want to. With her head against the left side of the door and her hands crossed over her chest, she asked, "Can't I stay? I promise I'll just watch."

Tahmoh thought for a bit, but he didn't change his mind. "It would be better if you left."

Marina had nothing more to say or do, so she turned on her heels and left them alone, closing the door behind her. She was more than a little disappointed that her pheromones seemed to have no hold on the new guy. Was he that much on his therapist mode that nothing could change his mind? she wondered.

Once Marina was gone, Tahmoh turned back to Rogue. "If you can, please explain what is going on. I'd like to help you. If you can't, tell me if there is anything I can do for you."

Rogue was somewhat distant but she knew they'd find out one way or another. ''My friend is coming," she started, clenching the now empty blood bag tightly. "And he's hurt," she added before she expertly tossed the bag in the trash. She licked her lips, tasting the last bit of blood that remained there, before she raised her eyes again to take a better look at the guy in front of her.

“Who is your friend? Can we help him?"

The guy in front of her seemed genuinely worried. For a moment, Rogue thought that maybe he really could help. “Camus,” she replied, “he's a vampire, like me.” As for the question of helping him, she had no idea if they really could. “We could try, but I don't know. He's on his way here.”

Tahmoh nodded slowly. "I'll have Abby prepare a room for him. If he is indeed injured, I will attend to him as soon as I can. Now come, let's get you cleaned up. Perhaps a red shirt will work better for you."

With a nod of her head Rogue did as she was told and got up. Maybe she could trust them and maybe her friend could be saved.

What an interesting first day on the job, Tahmoh thought. A vampire crying blood. None of his shaman training had prepared him for this.
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