The Home


He was running away for the first time in his life. He sprinted through the woods like a wild wolf, searching for the right path to follow. His chestnut eyes bulged out inhumanly as he scanned the unknown territory. Soon he found his way to the Home. Rogue wouldn't forgive him for putting himself through hell and turning into such a mess, but at least he could be at her side again.

Over the years, he'd realized he couldn't contain his hunger for the thing that tempted him the most. He yearned for blood tainted by sin and once he found it, he lost all control. He knew there must be a way to fix it, to fix himself. Maybe his little problem would be his ticket into the Home.

Rogue's family hadn't make it easy for him. They knew how to defend themselves and they wouldn't hesitate to kill if it meant keeping their secrets. He'd taken great pains to get information on her whereabouts. Blood trickled down his aching right arm. Silver bullets were still lodged beneath his skin, leaving a burning pain that was almost unbearable. Just one more bullet and he would have been dead, but he was lucky. His blood glowed purple, a sure sign that he was gravely wounded. While he'd already begun to get the silver out of his system, he lacked the strength to fully heal himself.

If he could just find someone to feed on.

If he could only hold on until he reached Rogue.

In his mind, he could picture the entry to the Home and Rogue storming down the stairs to whisk him away to safety. He knew she could pull him in before he hurt anyone.

His sharp teeth pierced his lip as he ran, trying to keep control over his blood-lust. The wind against his face felt wonderful, almost freeing, despite the pain coursing through his body. He came to a stop outside the front doors of the big building. He had traveled even further and faster than he imagined. To his amazement, there was someone stood in the doorway, waiting for him.

"You're not Rogue," he stated, plainly. "Where is she?"

"She was right, Camus," the man said, voice laced with surprise, "You're hurt."

Before he could continue, Rogue pushed her way past him, running out to Camus and wrapping her arms tightly around him.

Finally, he thought.


Tahmoh gave the two a moment before stepping in.

"Rogue, please step aside. We must bring him in."

As she pulled away, he gently held Camus' uninjured arm and led him into the house to the kitchen.

"How are you feeling?" Rogue hovered as Tahmoh used towels and water to clean the blood off Camus' wounds. She couldn't believe he was really here with her. She could see his enchanting eyes and those horrible wounds. He would be okay.

"I'm fine."

"Did anyone follow you?"

Rogue knew her family wouldn't willfully allow anyone to find her. She couldn't imagine how he'd done it or how he'd escaped. Camus was strong, but her father's people had more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

"No, but they already knew where I was headed."

He looked into her eyes and in them he could see her concern. She didn't have a clear view in her mind, but she could easily picture how things had gone down. Rogue shook her head, touching his good arm lightly. "Don't worry. Even if they come here, they won't touch the institution and they can't get in."

"You're gonna have to explain all of that," Tahmoh interrupted. "We need to know what's going on." He had made sure Camus' wounds were clean but he would need his fill of blood to heal them. "Fetch him a blood-bag? He's going to need it."

Leaning forward, Rogue kissed Camus' forehead tenderly before leaving.
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