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The black-haired beauty continued her advances... battling himself... from him... hurt his place (and any other wolf) in the pack if he were to handle... care. She was beautiful, and she was strong but... was spoken for, but she didn’t... He caught her hand before... growled at her.


...she reached her other hand up to his face... so close to... from him, it was only when his hand grabbed her waist... Rollin nearly fell to his knees... power of his alpha... in rage.

Rollin shifted on the brown library couch, his bright yellow eyes snapping open. He rubbed his forehead, his chest rumbling with a growl. What the fuck? he thought.

He had plenty of dreams. Most of them were made up, and some of them were memories. Most of those memories were very vague and had a lot of holes. He remembered some events that happened with his pack; a few conversations, personalities and names. He just couldn't piece them all together. Rollin knew that it was because his wolf took control, but when the wolf takes full control it's over; you lose anything human, and that included memories.

He sat up, his body cooled from the quickness of his action. Rollin hated having memory-related dreams; it made him wish his wolf never gave him the reins. He needed a pack; he needed to feel like he was part of a structure. A pack made you stronger, and Rollin didn't like to remember the reason he was without one.

He didn't know when the others started entering the library, nor did Rollin care. He was well rested and well fed, but he was still a bit irritated. He had taken a seat after he had paced the carpet clean, and had chosen a chair against the wall. It had been a subconscious decision; the wolf didn't like anyone creeping up behind him.

Rollin sighed. He wanted to grab another snack but he also didn't want to give up his seat. Maybe he'd wait until everyone was seated before going, he decided, and leaned back into the chair. Seconds passed before he took in a deep breath and froze. He furrowed his brows; that one scent just did not register. He looked around the room and his brown eyes landed on another male.


Taking a deep breath, Abby steadied herself before placing a cheery smile on her face and pushing open the doors to the library. Inside she found the room even less populated than she imagined. The witch - Ms. Bristow - and the vampire - Khloe, was it? - hadn't followed the others into the room. Instead she was met by the unimpressed stares of just four of the residents.

"Seems like the herd has thinned," she said, breaking the silence with a nervous laugh. "It looks like a couple of the residence have retired to their rooms for the afternoon. Understandable, as some of us do keep different hours. Hopefully we'll be able to work out this little hitch in scheduling soon. Even so, shall we start?"

The response was less than enthusiastic, but Abby pushed on. "I see a new face. Has everyone met Mr. Alexander Aita? Mr. Aita, would you like to say a few words or..."

Alex could feel the werewolf staring at him so he looked up. With just the barest hint of a smirk, he licked his lips and winked at the wolf. He may not like them, but he loved to set them on edge. He held the wolf's gaze a little bit longer, unblinkingly, before turning his gaze to Abby and smiling his most charming smile.

"I don't really need an introduction, love. You've just told everyone my name, and they can see my good looks for themselves." He cracked the best shit-eating grin he could muster and shifted in his seat, looking as disinterested as he felt. "But do me a favor, love. Call me Aita. Only those who sleep in my bed get to call me Alexander." He sent another cheeky wink to the wolf.

Rogue was bored in there and the only thought dancing her mind was that this session wasn't going to be as interesting as she thought. Well, Marina was there but that was all. By the looks of it, she wouldn't be able to get a hold on her pheromones yet. It was time like those that she wished Camus would be by her side - a vampire like no other with gifts unknown to most of their race. Camus was cruel and a bloodthirsty animal but he always behaved when he was by her side. He knew what it did to her and how much it pained her. He would never do that to her.

If only Camus was here...

The dark haired wolf felt his canines grow within his mouth when the lean male continued to stare into Rollin's eyes. His wolf didn't like that, he was a dominant wolf and he took the stare as a challenge — but when the newcomer winked at him, he froze.

Rollin felt his teeth revert back as he furrowed his brows. He wasn't sure how to take this foreign creature... He didn't know what he was; yet he didn't feel threatened. It irritated Rollin that he couldn't quite pin the damp earth, tree-bark odor; it wasn't a sharp stinging stench like a vampire, or burnt metal like the old dwarf. He wasn't human either; a human smell was tamer and didn't bother his nose as much.

His lip lifted in a slight grin at the end of Aita's introduction and Rollin leaned back in his chair, his muscles relaxing. No, the creature wasn't a threat to him, he thought, he's either trying to play with him or he's attracted to him. Either way, he didn't care.

"I'll be right back," Rollin lied. He already introduced himself earlier, and he didn't want to go through that again. The wolf stood up from his chair and — ignoring the protests — walked out of the room. His food cravings took most of his interest, he didn't care for anything else, and not even the pretty therapist's company could keep him away from filling his stomach with sustenance.

Marina was hoping to meet more of the residents but all thoughts of that flew out the window when she realized no more people would gather. At least not for the rest of their day.

"May I be excused?" Rogue asked but from the sounds of it, it didn't seem like she was asking, more like stating the point. "I'm kind of hungry and we wouldn't want things to get messy - not yet at least." Before the therapist could say anything, she got up and left with high speed.

Quite handy, Marina thought.

"And then there were three, huh?"

Leaning forward in her seat, Abby ran her hand through her hair before looking up at the remaining two residents - the elf and the mind reader - and sent them a strained smile. "No reason in continuing this 'group session' if most of the group has run off. But before I let you go, may I pose just one question? Maybe something to think about for our next meeting? Why are you really here? What drove you here and what's your reason for staying?"

With that, Abby stood and straightened out her clothes. "If you'll see yourselves out?"
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