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Bound by Fate

1 September 1971

Marlene McKinnon sat in her compartment aboard the Hogwarts Express. Her luggage was resting on the racks above the seats thanks to her older brother Marcus, and across from her sat her best friends James Potter. They’d arrived at the station that morning together excited to begin their first year at Hogwarts.

“We’ll still be friends even if we’re in different houses right?” Marlene asked looking across the compartment to the messy-haired, hazel-eyed boy. She really couldn’t bare the thought of not being friends with James. Even if they were both only 11 years old, they were such close friends that she didn’t know what she’d do without him. After all James Potter, though infuriating, rash, and immature at times, was still her best friend.

James laughed and pushed his square glasses up his nose so they wouldn’t fall off his face, then smiled at the blonde curly haired bright blue eyed girl across from him. “Of course, we will Marly. We made a promise, and you can’t break promises.” He told her confident that they’d be best friends still even if they were both put in different houses. Because while she didn’t know what she’d do without him, he didn’t know what he’d do without her. She was like the sister he’d never had and what kind of friend would he be if he couldn’t even stick by her just because they weren’t in the same house?

“Good,” Marlene replied with a grin.
Lily Evans turned her head and smiled at Severus Snape as they walked down the hall on the Hogwarts Express looking for an empty compartment to sit in, but having no luck.

“I guess we could sit here.” She said looking into the compartment through the door and seeing it wasn’t full yet. Plus neither of the people in the seemed to be older so surely it wouldn’t be awkward, and Lily was all for meeting more people her age going off to Hogwarts. After all, this was where she fit in.

“If you want,” Severus told her a little sceptical about sharing a compartment with anyone else. He wasn’t exactly a social butterfly like Lily was, but if she wanted to sit there, then he’d follow her because well he didn’t want to have to sit alone.

Lily smiled and opened the door to the compartment before pulling him in with her. “Do you mind if we sit with you guys?” She asked sure they’d say yes.

Marlene looked to the door at the redhead and smiled before nodding her head. “Of course.” She told them not minding sharing the compartment with others. The more, the merrier.

“I’m Marlene McKinnon, by the way.”

Lily smiled at the girl then turned to Severus hoping he was okay with sitting here. “I’m Lily Evans, and this is Severus Snape,” she replied before taking a seat then smiling at the boy who was also in the compartment with them.

“James Potter.” He said finding it hard not to find Lily Evans breathtaking.
Sirius Black rolled his eyes and shook his head as he stepped onto the Hogwarts Express. He really couldn’t believe that his mum thought that somehow he’d disgrace the family name by making friends with the wrong sort of people. He was 11 and just wanted to go to school and be himself, but she was worried he’d muck it all up. What did she know about the wrong kind of people, with her crazy pureblood mania? If he listened to her, he’d be stuck talking to people like his cousin Bellatrix and Narcissa, and he couldn’t stand either of them to be quite honest. He was sure if Regulus was starting Hogwarts this year though he’d listen to their dear mum. Which frankly made him mad, he just wanted to find somewhere to sit and then get as far away from London as possible. So he walked into the first compartment he could find, even though there were already people in there. He was glad about that though he did hope they weren’t like his family.

He just sent everyone in the compartment a flashy Black smile and took a seat not seeing any reason they wouldn’t want him to sit with them. He didn’t know any of them so it wasn’t possible they could hate him.

“So I’m Marlene McKinnon.” He heard the blonde girl tell him apparently deciding to start the introductions.

“Well Marlene McKinnon, I’m Sirius Black.” He told her trying to think of where that named sounded familiar. He was sure it was nothing though really. Probably just one of the families his parents had concern for, or her parents might’ve just come to one of the lavish parties his family had hosted in the last eleven years.

“You don’t seem like a Black,” Marlene said as if she knew something about his family. “My parents took me to a party at your family's house last month and well you just don’t seem anything like the rest of your family. I mean I don’t even know why my parents wanted to go. Not like your family likes my family. I mean I heard what awful things some of them were saying.”

Sirius bit his lip still trying to put it together before it hit him like a train. “Your mum works at St. Mungo's, right? And you probably heard my cousin Bellatrix and her sister Narcissa talking with their boyfriends. They’re all kind of on this pureblood mania thing. It’s crazy.” He told her feeling a little sorry almost that she’d had to hear any of his family talking bad about her family. He didn’t even know what was so wrong with them. His parents didn’t usually talk badly about people when they were around, and well Sirius tended not to listen to the things his parents said a lot. Mostly because he didn’t want to be sucked into their awful views on the world, or have them making his friends for him. It was like they had this life planned out for him already, a life that he didn’t want.

“Yea. My mum's a healer.” Marlene said with a smile on her face, clearly proud of her mother. And well Sirius wished right then that he could feel that way about his mother. “And I suppose. I don’t know who it was, just that they didn’t like my family.”

“Well, my family can be brash at times.” He told her. “Just another reason I hope I don't end up in Slytherin. I’d rather not be anything like my family and have them hate me than be like them.” Sirius told her wishing he could’ve grown up in a house where he felt welcome to be whoever he wanted to be. Instead of the one he’d grown up in where even mentioning being friends with someone who wasn’t a pureblood ended in yelling.

“Slytherin isn’t that bad of a house.” Sirius heard the dark, and kind of greasy looking, haired kid say. “After all Lily and I are both going to be in Slytherin, and that doesn’t mean that we’re automatically bad people.” He added, but before Sirius could say anything about the matter the other dark haired boy who was wearing glasses cut in.

“Please.” The kid scoffed. “Everyone knows that Slytherin’s all about dark magic and that the majority of them are bad seeds. They support the idea that if you don’t come from a pureblood family, you’re a disgrace to the wizarding name. Why would any decent person want to be roped into that?” He said shaking his head. “Regardless Marlene and I are both hoping to be in Gryffindor. Like our parents were.”

“Just like we all know that Gryffindors are brazen and bloody gits.” Snape sneered at James clearly offended. Severus was so mad that James could even think that he was better just because he wanted to be put in Gryffindor, so angry he could’ve cried.

“Guys calm down,” Lily and Marlene called at the same time laughing, before getting back to the subject.

“It doesn’t matter what house you want to be put in,” Lily said resting her hand on Severus’ shoulder.

“She’s right,” Marlene added. “We haven’t even gotten to Hogwarts yet, and you’re all acting like you’re already in a house and can’t stand one another.” She said wishing this would all blow over. She didn’t think any of them wanted to make enemies before they’d even officially left the station.

“Right. We don’t even know what’s going to happen, for all we know we could all end up in different houses.” Lily added knowing she wanted to be with Severus, but that didn’t mean that she would. “Different houses or not surely we could all be friends.” She said not seeing why that wasn’t possible.

“He said all Gryffindors were bloody gits Marly! That’s like an insult.” James said crossing his arms over his chest. “If, if Snivellus there wants to be in Slytherin go for it, but I for one won’t be.” He said leaning back into his seat.

“Let’s get out of here Lily,” Severus said standing up, and Lily followed.

“Okay.” She said standing up too. “You know you’re a git James.” She had said before she followed Severus out so they could find another compartment away from people who couldn’t even have an open mind about something as simple as what house you’re in.
“James!” Marlene said shaking her head and frowning at James after Lily and Severus had left.

“What Marly? You heard him; he thinks that Slytherin’s a noble house to be put in.” James said followed by a huff.

“Yea I heard. But you didn’t have to act like a git because of it.” She added leaning back in her seat still a little shocked at what had just happened. “Just because you like Gryffindor and not Slytherin doesn’t mean everyone else is the same way.” She added sighing a little.

Sirius hadn’t wanted to be part of this incredibly weird fight about what house was better. But he couldn’t help it. “Slytherin is an awful house, though. I mean I haven’t heard of any honest wizards that’ve come from it. And maybe this Snivellus kid isn’t evil yet, but I’d bet you anything he’d get sucked into the wrong crowd. I mean kids like that are the ones people like my cousins look for to bring to the dark side with them.” He said not sure what anyone saw in that house.

Marlene just rolled her eyes at both boys. “Okay well, that still doesn’t mean you act like a git about it. You could’ve ya know been nicer to him.”

And before either Sirius or James could say anything else about the matter someone was clearing their throats and turning all three heads to the door. Where two boys were standing. One of the boys was taller with lighter brown hair, he was lanky and in shabby clothes, while the other boy was shorter, with clothes that looked almost as shabby.

“Everywhere else is full, uh do you mind if we sit here?” The taller boy asked biting his lip.

“Yea,” James said sitting up and deciding that maybe Marlene was right. He supposed he could’ve been nicer to the Snape kid, but that didn’t mean he’d changed his mind. And just so she didn’t get on him again James promised to apologise to both Lily and her friend when they got to school. After all, he wouldn't want to have someone hate him before they’d even started school.

“Sorry if we interrupted something important, we just wanted to find seats before the train left.”

Marlene smiled at them both. “You're all right.” She told him before holding her hand out to introduce herself to more people. “I’m Marlene McKinnon, and it’s nice to meet you both.”

The shorter boy shook Marlene’s hand, “Peter Pettigrew.” He squeaked. He wasn’t used to people being so nice to him at all. They usually overlooked him altogether. And if they didn’t entirely disregard him they were laughing at him and made jokes. He especially didn’t get cute girls to talk to him, they always thought he was weird and would usually walk off laughing. “Pleased to meet you too.” He told her smiling when he realised she wasn’t laughing at him.

“And I’m Remus Lupin.” He said to Marlene not used to people being nice to him either. Then again, he didn’t usually leave his house for anything because his parents were so worried about him, so he didn’t often get ridiculed. Though he couldn’t say, it never happened, either because it did happen occasionally. That wasn’t important though because well Remus wasn’t looking to be friends with any of them. Yea maybe they were nice, but he knew that if they knew the truth about him, they’d hate him. Everyone always did. He was just sitting with them because he’d have nowhere else to sit otherwise. He would’ve much preferred to be alone.

“Well Peter and Remus, I’m James Potter,” James said hoping nothing blew out of proportion this time around.

“Sirius Black,” Sirius said once he realised he was the only one who hadn’t introduced himself.

Soon enough, the train was finally leaving and taking everyone on it off to Hogwarts.
“Welcome to Hogwarts, the start of term banquet will begin shortly. But before you can get your seats in the great hall you must be sorted into your houses.” McGonagall said looking over the new students who stood before her. “You’re here your house will be like your family while you’re here at Hogwarts. You’ll have classes together, share a common room, and earn house points. The houses are as follows: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Now at the end of the term, one house will be awarded the house cup. And whichever house has the most house points wins. You’ll earn points by your triumphs, and rule breaking will cause you to lose them. Now if you’ll follow me, we can begin.” She said before turning to open the doors and lead the first years into the great hall, all the way up to a shabby looking hat sitting on a stool.

“This is so exciting,” James whispered to Marlene as they followed McGonagall into the great hall.

“It is.” She replied before looking over at Sirius. “I hope you get the house you want.” She whispered to him.

“Thanks,” Sirius replied happily at least someone was rooting for him not to be in Slytherin.

“Well, Lily it’s almost time to find out if we’re in the same house,” Severus said with little doubt that they wouldn’t be. They had so much in common that they just had to be.

Lily smiled totally just amazed by everything around her. She didn’t care where she ended up though she didn’t want to be apart from Severus. She supposed it was almost time to figure out if they’d be sorted together or not, though.

Remus swallowed the lump forming in his throat as he walked behind Marlene, Peter, Sirius, and James. He was nervous really. Remus was about to end finally in a house, and while it didn’t matter where to him where he ended up, Remus was worried about if the hat would know he was a werewolf and let that be known. Because well right now it was a secret, he knew that. He was aware that if people knew what he was, they’d be scared, and he just didn’t want everyone to know.

Peter walked right in front of Remus anxious to see where he was ending up. He hoped it’d be the same house as his new friends. He was worried if they all weren't together they wouldn’t even want to be his friends, and it was so hard to find people who liked him he’d hate to lose them so soon.

“When I call your name you’ll come up and sit on the stool, I’ll put the hat on your head, and then the hat will sort you into your houses,” McGonagall said before she opened a scroll that held everyone’s name on it. “Benjy Fenwick.” She called, and a lanky boy with short brown hair walked up to the front and sat on the stool.

“Gryffindor!” The hat had bellowed before McGonagall removed it from his head, and he slid off the stool and went on his way.

“Severus Snape.”

Severus walked up to the front and took a seat on the stool and took a breath when McGongall placed the hat on his head. Then he waited, while the hat looked through his mind.


McGongall took the hat off his head, and he hopped off the stool and made his way over to the clapping Slytherin table proud to have gotten the house he wanted.

“I’m telling you that one’s no good,” James whispered, still upset about the whole thing on the train, and a little upset that he hadn’t accepted his apology which had only made things worse.

“Lily Evans.” Lily walked up towards the stool sending James a mean look on her way. Clearly, she was even more upset with James than she’d originally been.

She took her seat on the stool and listened to everything the hat was telling her. She’d do well in Ravenclaw because she had the smarts, but she’d do much better in Gryffindor. Before it finally decided.


“James Potter.”

James had smiled at Marlene before he walked up to the stool himself. And he wasn’t that nervous really though he couldn’t help but look over towards the Gryffindor table until he spotted Lily and smiled. She might’ve been upset with him for the whole train thing, but surely if he got the chance to explain things to her she’d see that he wasn’t a total git like she seemed to think he was.


And just like that James was walking towards the table where he’d seen Lily.

“Emmeline Vance.”

A girl with long brown hair made her way up to the stool next, and she ended up in Ravenclaw. Then there was this girl with hair that reminded Marlene much of her hair with its curls and unruliness was sorted, also in Ravenclaw. And the group dwindled down.

“Marlene McKinnon.”

Marlene walked up and took her seat on the stool. She’d been ready for this moment for so long that honestly, she’d been getting anxious. “Ah I see you have smarts much like the rest of your family,” the hat told her, “but I see a brave heart.” And she let the hat think before it finally bellowed out


And with what she was sure was the biggest smile ever she practically ran to the Gryffindor table where she was quick to take her seat near James and Lily, who was doing her best to ignore him.

“Sirius Black.”

The great hall got quiet when McGonagall called his name, and well Marlene knew why. Everyone was anxious to see where he’d end up. Even she was curious to see what the hat thought. And so when his name was called Sirius walked up to the stool and sat.

“Ah, another Black. Hm, but you’re not like the rest of them are you?” The hat told him moving his head to look at the Slytherin table where he saw Bellatrix and Narcissa sitting. Not far from them he saw Andromeda, who he sent a smile because Sirius knew even if he wasn’t in Slytherin she’d be happy for him. And all Sirius could think was too please be anywhere besides Slytherin. He did not want to be with the rest of his family.

“Well, it’s gotta be Gryffindor.”

And as Sirius stepped off the stool and made his way to the Gryffindor table he couldn’t help but feel eyes watching him. Which he knew was just Bella and her sister. They’d probably be writing to his mother as soon as they were back in their common rooms, but he honestly didn’t care. What was his mother going to do? Bring him home? She wouldn’t do that. Though he’d love to see her face when she got the news. It might’ve been a little sad really that he was so thrilled with having done something that he knew would upset his mother but oh well.

“Sirius congratulations,” Marlene said smiling at him as he sat down. Clearly, she was just as happy for him as he was for himself.

“Thanks, Marlene.”

“Peter Pettigrew.”

Marlene watched Peter as he walked up took a seat on the stool, and then she smiled and clapped when he got Gryffindor. And when he took a seat next to her she smiled at him. She was a little overjoyed that so far all her friends from the train were in the same house as her.

“Remus Lupin.”

Remus’ nerves were still there, even when McGonagall placed the hat on his head. And as it spoke about all the qualities he had he couldn’t help but hope it wouldn’t mention the whole werewolf thing. That honestly was the last thing Remus ever wanted to come out. He’d rather have people think anything else about him as long as they didn't know the truth.

“Gryffindor.” It finally told him and he went to take his seat at the table, apparently with everyone he’d sat with on the train. He sent them all the best smile he could as he took a seat planning just to watch the rest of the sorting until it was finally over and feast could begin.

And it didn’t seem like much really, six kids ending up in one house wasn’t a big deal. After all, every house got at least the same amount. But well those six kids plus so much more were about to embark on a journey they’d never be able to do alone.
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