I'm standing by the window running over what is suppose to happen today; the dog must sleep, must find what it's hiding, find owner, end hunt. No one should get hurt. I hope.
Sam wakes first. He stretches as he gets off the couch, stepping over dean-who is now cuddling the pillow-then pats me on the back and heads to the bathroom.
Dean doesn't wake up till Sam nudges him with his foot to get him moving.
"Come on dude its almost 11", Sam says.
He made some sounds then said my name and rolled over. I know my face went red so I turnd back to the window. Sam questioned nothing and tried again.
"Dean we have work to do you need to get up" he stated with a chuckle.
"Alright alright. Get coffee" Dean said looking up at his brother with a sharp smile.
Shaking his head but still smiling Sam goes to make coffee.
Standing, Dean walks towards me; getting really close to my ear he whispers 'good morning'.
I give a flash of smile and say "good morning Dean".
He runs a finger tip down my arm, giving me a full smile and asks "so...How'd ya sleep"
Playing back last night in my head, "you know I Don't sleep"
Sam came in the room with two cups of coffee talking "so Cas, if you dont sleep what do you do when we are?".
" sometimes I leave other times I just stay and watch over everything" I say sheepishly.
Dean asks the next question "Do you wish you could sleep?".
"Im not sure" is all I can think of to say. Its something I had never thought about previously. Last night I knew I wanted to be like them and have that experience, but would have actually sleeping made it any different? Humans both sleep during that; I didnt have to I was able to witness every raw moment of it. Every breath that touched my skin, every time he pulled me closer, every time he mumbled something, and every time I could feel him smile. Would have actually sleeping changed that whole moment?
Dean jumped right onto the next thing.Work.
"We leave here shortly to try again. This time no one does anything stupid. This hunt needs to end already" he looks directly at me.

I decided to just meet them there no problem , so of course I'm there long before they are. I would have went in without them, put the dog to sleep before they arrived but Dean insisted the kept the boom box with them. Sometimes it's like he can read my mind, he knows me too well.
The impala pulls up in front of the warehouse. Both boys hop out very abruptly.
"So exactly how are we to find who's controlling it??" Dean says.
"Well whatever it's guarding should give us a hint" I reply A little taken back.
"You mean to tell me this might not even end today?!" He fires back.
"Dean, I... I don't know what you want me to say.." still taken back. I didn't want him mad at me but I didn't know what else I could say. I honestly was just hoping we'd know as soon as we saw the object.
"I'm going in first " Dean snaps.
all I can do is look at the floor.
"No, I say we go in together" Sam speaks up.
"Fine" is all Dean says.