Sam carries the boom box, leading us in. Dean has his gun ready directly behind Sam, watching his back, checking every inch they cross. I follow in after on guard for anything thats about to happen.

We reach the three headed dog which is already fast asleep from the music that has flooded these walls since we entered. Close up we are able to see behind the dog for the first time; It was blocking a door. I flashed over there to check it out before the boys.who started running as soon as they saw me. The door was covered in some kind if writing; I knew the boys would not be able to understand so I quickly translated.
"It reads, 'all who dare enter shall regret for they shall never exiet', its a warning" ,I turn to them, "I believe it to be wise if only I go in".
Dean snaps back with, "HA, nice try cas. No we go in together like Sam said".
Not willing to agrue I say "Fine but I purpose a time limit.Any longer than an hour I get you two out of there", I knew they would hate the idea but it wouldbe necessary.
I could see Dean about to argue but Sam was already in the middle of agreeing with me.
"Okay Cas you have a deal"
"What was that Sam? No he doesnt have a deal you said together" Dean says to his brother.
"Yes Dean but with the warning on the door I think Cas has a good plan"
Before any more fighting started I opened the door and walked in; the boys quickly followed behind.
It was dark at first but our eyes adjusted quickly.
"Wish they could have thought of lighting" Dean says with sarcasm dripping from each word.
Just as he said it golden hands with candles lined the now visible hallway.
"Well what a pleasure" dean says examining one of the hands.
"Truly" I say in response. Looking down the hall I could see no way out "I wish there was a door" I say to vast emptyness. Just like that there was a door to our right. I look at Dean he's looking right at me.
"I dont know anything about this" Dean says and shrugs his shoulders.
"Actually guys I think I read something on this. It has to do with a fae people. Its to tempt us...I guess in this one is to keep us in here." Sam jumps in, "make things up, all our wishes come true so we won't want to leave" he finishes.
"I wish to speak with the one who made this" Dean yells.