"Your wish has become my command" ,says this tall slender man with a bow, "what's wrong my pretties" he asks ,"something not to your likings", he giggles and winks and Dean and I.
Clearing his throat Dean says "listen we want to know what going on here. We don't want to hurt you but we will.".
"I am Dyson sir, and you couldnt hurt me" he gives a loud laugh.
"They cant Dyson but I'm an Angel amd I can and I wont allow you to hurt them" I look him straight in the eyes. No one will hurt Dean and that means I'll protect Sam as well.
"Awe the Angel is protecting humans. Do you feel some sort of way for these human Angel? Haha how about this one", laughing again and raising an eyebrow he puts a hand on Deans shoulder.
Dean moving his shoulder so the faes hand will fall.
"No." I say hiding how shakey my voice is.
Dean looks at me hard faced
Giggling "uhoh is someone not happy with the Angels answer",Dyson walks around eyeing up Dean.
"Listen freak. I just want to know what you're hiding so we can be on our merry freaking way." Dean snaps back at Dyson.
Giving another hardy laugh Dyson continues "touchy touchy now are we".
"look we dont wanna hurt anyone, we just want the dog to go back to hell where it belongs" Sam jumps in obviously sensing tension.
"I wish we you would tell us why youre doing this" I say sticking with Sams subject change.
"Your wish is my command", he glowers and talks through his teeth , I'm hiding something precious to my people. And i cant have just anyone walking in. I was put in charge so this is how I'm handling it", his arms stretched put he takes another bow and disappers. Clearly he wasnt happy that we changed his game.
Something to his people..."fae have this one person they rely on to guide them in times of need. It could be him" I think outloud my back to them.
We continue down the hall their wepons ready
"It could always be some jewel that theyre using to take over the world" Dean says to me. I can feel him real close to me, I feel his heat on my back. I flash back to the night on the couch his heat then.
A blurr starts to form on the wall, as it takes form I can see it's the couch,the couch I was just thinking of.
At the same time the boys both say ''what'
To hide what really just happened I say "It must be some kind of trap" i walk passed the image that look exactly like the livingroom.
" I wish the door leading to the hidden item would appear ",Dean says in a raised voices. Turning to me he says "I'm tired of waiting I'm done here I want to go".
I say nothing just follow him into the new room.
Walking in you can just feel its a large before you see the beautifully light room. Its covered in fine jewels and expensive things.
From a corner comes a voice "Dyson, is that you" it asks.
"No its not. Show yourself to us. We mean no harm" Sam yells back.
"Tell me why I should believe that" the voice says softly.
"We have no reason to hurt the fae we simply want the dog tongo back to guarding hell" Sam relpies back very calmly.
Dean streches and yawns.Sam shortly mimics that same action.
In a very soft sleepy tone Dean mumbles "Cas whats happening"
I go to him holding his sides "Dont close you're eyes. You either Sam hes making you sleepy You have to stay awake".
Dean slumps into my arms as soon as the words are out. Then Sam hits the floor both sleeping.
"Why did you do that" I exlam to the voice.
"So we can talk alone" it said as the person attached stepped out from the corner. A short very old man stood tall and proud in front of me.
"I tried to leave to past and Dyson trapped me here" he says next.
"That was it why did you put them to sleep then" I ask.
"Ive heard about the Winchesters, especially your favorite, Dean, likes to act first then ask the questions."
"Yes that is a problem of his" I say looking at Dean I give a smile.
I could feel someone trying to sneek up behind me. Dyson. I quickly turn grabbing his head. It wasnt Dyson just the old profit.
"I could have hurt you. You wouldnt let these boys turn you into an Killer now would you Angel" it was Dyson he was just glamored to look like the old profit. Now he was gone.
"Oh Angel" his voice echoed around te room.
Turning again there was Dean. He put a hand on my face and the other on my back he pulled me close to him. I was intoxicated by him. My mind clouded. His lips coming right towards mine "oh wow silly Angel" he murmered I quickly snapped back. Looking down Dean was still asleep on the floor.
I hear Dysons laugh bouncing off the walls, "no feeling for him you said oh you little lying Angel".
"let the profit go Dyson and we'll leave"
"I cant,the profit leaves I'm done for Angel thats it for me I'm out" he yelled, behind me veey faintly i hear him say "and that just isnt fun or dandy"
"Either way Dyson it's your time" I quickly turn and lay my hands on his head before he could say another word I killed him it was over.
The profit must have left as soon as he saw Dyson die. The boys started to stir on the floor. I crouvh down inbetween them. "Its over lets get out of here." I say my head hung. I touch the arm of both of them and fly us out into the main of the warehouse. The dog was gone.