I ride back in the impala with the boys. When we reach the house I follow them in.
" I'm grabbing a beer anyone one want one" Sam asks walking towards the kitchen.
Dean says yes and turns to me, "everything okay Cas" he asks.
I dont answer him just look at him. I put my hands on his face and pull it towards me. I kiss him with everything I have. I was so worried something would have happened to him in there. In the end I could have just distracted Dyson so the profit could escape grab the boys and go; leaving Dyson alive and there. When he tramsformed into Dean that was my straw I was so mad I didnt think of another way but his death.
I pull my lips away from his. And just look at him.
I'd like to say they made me a killer, but in the end it was a choice I made. A choice I'd make again if it meant protecting Dean. It was all for him. Hunting, rebelling....killing was all for Dean.
I turned from him and flew away.