Lightning cracked outside the window Lighting up the dark room where Sam and Dean stood close, talking about their latest hunt.

"Dean, it was gruesome we almost didn't make it..." Sam let his sentence linger waiting for Dean to say it instead of him.
Dean stood there saying nothing in reply.

"It's time to call Castiel"

Dean looking up at his brother slightly nods his head.

"Yo Cass we could use some help down here" Dean said looking up towards the ceiling..

I always heard the boys when they called, especially Dean. I raised him from hell so I held him a little closer to me.
I went to them seconds after hearing Dean's prayer.

"Hello Dean" I said looking straight at him then quickly to Sam. I was nervous. I was getting too close to humans in my charge. Him. Dean, "how may I be of assistance to you both"

Dean still quiet looked down, avoiding my eyes.
So Sam spoke up.

"We found a something in dads journal and we went to find it. Dean, being Dean went in guns blazing, almost getting us killed. Again. Nothing in dads journal prepared us for what he walked into, it was this three headed dog Cass, almost took our heads off. Have you ever heard of such a thing?"
I looked at Dean first Seeing if he had anything to say about what had happened to them. He didn't so I went on.
"Yes I have heard of them. They are call Cerberus.They are very rare I haven't heard of anyone seeing a rogue one in over three hundred years. Their job is to guard the gates of hell. From what I understand they're quite good at it. The dead don't leave without permission, like becoming a demon, or being ripped out like I did for you Dean".
I make eye contact with Dean and I can see a faint smile playing on his lips.

"So how do we kill this mutt?" he asks.

"You should find out what it is hiding first. When I said rogue I didn't mean they go around killing to kill. They are still guarding something just not Hell. The best way to do that is to put the creature to sleep...with music".

Sam starts to ask how they will do that when Dean cuts him off with a laugh.

"You want us to play this overgrown puppy a lullaby? Haha I didn't even do that when Sam was young" he finishes with a playful smile.

Sam then asks "So how do we do that? Play rock a bye baby till it passes out or what?"

"Not exactly, they like classical music, so something soft and smooth till it dozes off. No harm should come to the Cerberus, once we know what it is hiding, we can figure out who is controlling it".

"Someone is controlling the demon guard dog?? You are only mentioning this now, why?"

"You attacked instead of calling me remember", my tongue was sharp. I wasn't happy he put himself in such a dangerous situation without me, "once we Know who is controlling the creature we can destroy him and the beast will go home, without a problem."

Sam nods and says "We'll do more research find what to play, we can go tomorrow. Cass I expect you to help."
I Nod my head as Sam turns and walks away. Leaving Dean and I to talk.