I look around and I'm about to fly away when Dean gives this rough cough. I looked up to see him starring at me.
"What was so interesting about what your dad wrote that made you just want to go and not fear
He clears his throat agin then starts "ut was something about a string of missing people, last know place a warehouse or something, when we saw those same signs we realized that it was something we should check out. So we did. We were not expecting to see a three headed pitbull", giving a muscly shrug of his shoulder.

Most people compared Dean to a male model type. I would not be one to disagree with them, he definitely had a face a lot of people pray for, but there was always something else in Deans face. Like he was always worried or stressed and he was trying to hide it. He always wants to be the strongest, for Sam, so going in somewhere guns blazing isn't really all that surprising for him. It added a rough exterior to his looks, making most people drawn to him.

I walk up to him, putting both my hands on his shoulders.

"Dean", I say close to his face, "you are being reckless, and I do not like it", concern obvious in my voice.

He lifts his head up making eye contact with me, the air is still around us, it feels like forever before he starts to talk.

"You know its my job Cass, and I would rather it be me than Sam", he's still looking me in the eye.

I know how he is so I don't say anything in reply, but I do move my hands down to my side.
the silence becomes unbearable between us so I quickly turned and made Dean think I left.

As I stood there watching him a few minutes longer I saw him drop his head and huff, mumbling something under his breath that sounded like 'every time' before turning to go find Sam.