Dean and Sam are sitting around Bobbys desk, going through the books trying to see what someone would find so impotant, that it had to be protected by a Cerberus.

"If there hasnt been a sighting in over three hundred years what are we supposed to be looking for? We should have asked how many have gone rogue before" Sam is disgruntled with looking and finding nothing useful to this hunt. All he had found was what Castiel had already told them, it was a three headed dog that guarded the Gates of hell, and one story of someone who put it to sleep by playing his music.

Dean barly paging through say "Do you want to call him back to ask?" looking up at his brother Dean closes the books and streches his legs.

"No, I guess we'll all just find out tomorrow. No sense calling him down, but we do need to decide what we are going to be playing and of course how we're playing it".

"Dude, I live off rock and roll, you know that slow mopy shit better than I do. Baby should work to play it though".

Giving a huff Sam says "Okay so thats on me, so I guess I'll go to a music store to find something" rolling his eyes he leaves.

Dean gets up and goes to the couch, throws his feet over the arm, and puts his hands behind his head. Closing his eyes for a short nap.
I hear something that sounds like Deans voice in a prayer so I check, he's passed out on the couch. Dreaming and sleep talking. I smile and leave. He clearly didnt man for it to be a prayer or even something i was meat to hear. He was just speaking to me in his sleep. Something about that made me extraordinarily happy.