Sam comes home and drops the bag of cassettes on Deans chests.

"Here, I got whatever I thought would work"

Dean pulls the cassettes out one by one.

"Mozarts Greatest Hits, The Best of Beethoven, Bach is Back," giving a hardy laugh, "What is this, these could put anyone to sleep", He is smiling ear to ear and laughing.

Sam starts to laugh with his brother "I know, I know but these were what I was recommended"

That sentence made Dean crack up even more "What the hell did you say to the guy 'Hi, I'm a hunter and I'm trying to get a giant three headd dog to take a nap, what would you recommend?" his eyes started to tear from laughing so hard.

Cracking up right along with his brother he say "Something along those lines".

They sit together laughing for another ten minutes before Dean decides it was ime to listen to the cassettes.

"They're all horrible but Beethoven seems to be the easiest and made me want to take a long nap" said Dean with a smile and a yawn.

Streching out his arms Sam agrees "yeah I'm ready for bed" giving a nice long yawn.

Dean crashes on the floor giving Sam the couch. They could never bring themselves to sleep in Bobbys bed. They'd rather sleep in the same room anyway.